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I am with you, hate the gas mask and definitely hate CS. I don’t have a lot of experience with crowd control, been through one little “riot” which lasted about 12 hours. You are so right about fitness, we had at least 6 officers transported to the hospital from heat exhaustion. All were not your SWAT caliber people.

As aside note: We were banned from using CS on anything and SWAT was not allow to use smoke, unless the situation warranted “deadly force”. This came about after we used smoke on an entry for a convicted killer. He nearly died from an asthma attack. Got sued of course, so, there you go.


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Thought for the day:


Around 0200, a couple of rockets came in and the alarms started wailing. No knowing whether it was just the usual insurgent wake up or a ground attack, I got geared up since I am part of the response team in case there was the possibility of a ground assault on the Embassy. I called in and was told to “stand by”, which is the usual response.

While waiting for the “all clear”, I was watching the news and heard about this ambush killing. How ironic, that is safer where I am than working the streets of USA. Another ambush killing, two more fallen brothers, and a country I don’t even know anymore.

The suspect walked up to the restaurant and shot both of the deputies through the window, Schultz said

Schultz suggested that the deputies may have been killed because law enforcement has been “demonized.”. Yes, I agree with this. Totally.


I just realized what I missed out on.

Thanks @idaho.


Apparently MS 13 has given the green light to kill a cop in Hempstead, LI in order to send a message to law enforcement. You know, like they do in the shithole countries they come from. I don’t understand what’s stopping us from rounding all of them up and either sending them back to wherever they came from or building a prison in the middle of nowhere and letting them rot away. They are a terrorist group.


I took a course that had a unit designated to Central and South American street gangs. According to the research, MS13 has its roots in America and is an American creation. Of course, the research could be more BS from the liberal academics who love to pin every problem on the USA. I have no experience with MS13, for what it’s worth.


It was started in LA by salvadoran immigrants. And it is pretty much run from El Salvador.


Because they are more important to the liberals than the the cops. Dead cops are a good thing to most liberal politicians, they get tons of “human rights” points for being against any forms of immigration. MS-13 is a terrorist group, but, so what? Some illegal POS who kills a cop, that’s great news to people like Jerry Brown. I need to stop.


Saturday Morning Coffee Break: And it has been one fucked up week, lost two locals yesterday in an ambush, two cops murdered, and one agent dropped dead from a heart attack ( 44 years old) , 9 year old daughter, You ever notice that mass murderers, terrorists, or drunks on the street live to be in their 90’ s and the ones that make a fucking difference always die young?





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Coffee Break: For the brothers and sisters on duty 24/7/365. Thank you very much. All my respect for doing the jobs no one cares about until that one day in their little lives, the lion bites them on the ass.





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“A homeless man was charged Friday with murder in a random attack on a California father who was stabbed in the neck as his 5-year-old daughter sat in his lap in a crowded beachside steakhouse.”

What the fuck.

The people who give you funny looks or roll their eyes when you decide where you want to sit in a public space are the same people who believe such an event is unthinkable. It can happen anywhere, anytime, as this poor family is painfully aware of.


Wife always teases me when I want my back to the wall.


Thanks for posting the article. A senseless and brutal murder. I have written about situational awareness enough in this thread that people are probably sick of hearing about it. Unfortunately, as this article points out, it should always be first and foremost in your thinking.

Here is a view from Alex Yandy:


The definition of situational is a person or thing in regards to surroundings or circumstances. An example of situational is how a person reacts in different environments; called situational reactions.

The definition of awareness is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be of events. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being conscious of something.
From my perspective it all starts with situational awareness. Situational awareness is empowering. With it you are able to maneuver your way around or through a maze of obstacles and unsafe situations. At what level are you aware of the areas where you “operate?” Do you have a keen sense of observation, or are you in your own world, oblivious to things that are not in your field of view?

Most folks are so overloaded with information nowadays they don’t want to know any more than they absolutely have to. If it doesn’t impact them directly, in the here and now, they don’t care. Problem is, with that kind of mindset they miss the indicators. If something bad happens they will probably be taken by surprise. If taken by surprise the innocent person is now likely a victim. Don’t put yourself in that position.

As a victim he or she may survive, but with situational awareness, forethought, and an action plan a different outcome could unfold. Rather than survive or perish as a victim ,find a way or make a way to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of survival on their terms.

Situational Awareness includes five points of reference:

Know the terrain (natural and man-made) where you frequent; (your operating areas)

_ now the people/tribes who routinely occupy/transit your Area of Operations

Know the kinds of activities that routinely occur in your Area of Operations.

Generally know the international, national, regional, and local situations.

_ Acknowledge significant events, when they occur and reflect on how they may impact your safety and security._

You might be a gorilla on the battlefield but how about at home? There are a lot of people ready to take what you have. What you learn on the battlefield has to be translatable to your family at home. Teach them to be as aware as you are.

I know the people who come in and out of our neighborhood. Our housing community is aware when odd people begin to look inside private homes and car windows. We are aware when there are break-ins, and the kinds of vehicles that have been frequenting our neighborhood. We know if drugs are being sold near the playground in front of our home, and who is selling it. When there is a crime, the community involves law enforcement and they take it seriously to reduce crime, and so should you.

Don’t wait until the last-minute to become informed. At some level you should be immersed in what is occurring around you. You might be aware, but is your family? You may carry a gun and know how to handle it but does your child? Does your family stay connected with other families in order to get up to date information if there is a riot, tornado, looting, or some crisis that requires you to stay clear? You might be able to handle yourself in most situations, but make time to get your spouse, friends or kids on board too. Get them involved in understanding situational awareness before a crisis occurs.

If you have a sense of what you are walking into, you may have a better chance of handling the situation. Do you walk into a bar, oblivious to the fact that two people seated there are seeing if you are an easy target? Do you read from a tourist map, while wearing a brightly colored American Flag t-shirt, in a foreign city and draw attention to yourself?

Be aware. I still recall how two guys tried to corner me in an alley and were going to rob me. Thankfully I was able to notice an exit point, feign the direction I was going, and beat feet out of there. Who knows what could have happened?

The choice is yours. Carrying a weapon may help you some, but being aware to what is around you will help a lot more.


Thought for the day: Not all warriors wear a uniform. All my respect, James Shaw


Police praised a customer who prevented further bloodshed in the shooting. They said James Shaw Jr., 29, rushed Reinking, wrestled him to the ground and tossed the weapon. Shaw’s hands were severely burned from grabbing the AR-15 but he still managed to push Reinking out of the establishment.

“He is the hero here, and no doubt he saved many lives by wrestling the gun away and then tossing it over the counter, and prompting the man to leave,” Aaron said.

_Shaw said he wasn’t going to make it easy for Reinking to kill him and said he knew he only had one chance.This is the mentality it takes to survive. Fuck the killers, they come after you, make damn sure they have to work for it.

If you encounter a situation like this today, what will be your response?

“I saw an opportunity – my window – so I took it. I ran through the door as fast as I could and just kind of jammed him up with the gun when it pointed down. We started wrestling and fighting for it. I just took it and tossed it over the counter. I pushed him out of the restaurant and he walked off,” Shaw told WTVF-TV.

On another note: Before the MSM starts screaming about the “assualt rifle” forcing this asshole to kill people, take a moment and realize the extreme failure from the shooter’s father. Why in hell would you give him back his weapons after they had been seized by the Secret Service?

Reinking’s firearms authorization was revoked in Illinois and four weapons were seized by authorities, among them was the AR-15 used in Sunday’s shooting, police said. The guns were returned to Reinking’s father, who told police he gave them back to his son.


Motivational Monday: No matter what your schedule is today, no matter how many hours you have to work, no matter where you are, or where you will sleep tonight, before you call it a day, drop down and do a set of push ups for this man. It does not matter if it is 5 or 500, just do them to honor this man’s motivation, commitment, and drive. We should all be so strong.



Why would the SS give them to the father? There’s all kinds of stupidity going on here.


I don’t know how most people feel when they read things like this or hear people talk about living life in a way that takes into account the possibility of violence. I would assume most people don’t think about it and maybe they will end up OK. Maybe there was a time when I would have thought this kind of thinking is going overboard. The thing is, I lived in an inner city for a few years and thinking these things, living with a greater sense of situational awareness, probably saved my life, or at least saved me from violence, more than once.

And unfortunately it is true; the bad guys and girls are watching, taking mental notes, looking and waiting for an opening. It can be someone who is your friendly neighbor even. I found this out the hard way.


You are so right, so many mistakes here. Will not be long before the MSM starts screaming that the “assault rifle” made him do it.