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I’ve watched that video before. If bad guy were any kind of a gunfighter (he accidentally hits his mag release at one point) that officer could have had a very bad day. We so rarely have the initiative in these exchanges.


Yep. As you know I work semi-rural. Cover is often 15, 20 minutes or more away. This is nowhere near as far out as some places but it’s still a very long time to be in a fight that isn’t going your way. I can’t imagine the lonliness of being hit somewhere down an unamed gravel road without even an address to send help to.


No don’t. I want to hear what you have to say. I just don’t understand the mindset of a criminal who would try and kill a cop in today’s world. Especially at a videotaped traffic stop.

I guess “mind”-set is the wrong phrase. They must be braindead as well as evil. There’s almost no scenario where attacking a cop at a traffic stop is going to end in you being a free, uninjured person.

If my post came off as anti cop that’s not what I meant. I have utmost respect for cops, just trying to understand the violent felons.


Which tragedy deserves more sympathy: an enlisted soldier KIA, or a 20 year old college student killed by a stray bullet?

The soldier willingly put himself in harm’s way, the student did not. Both individuals were positive, contributing members of our society. It should be an equal tragedy, but the fact one victim voluntarily put himself at risk means the other victim gets the sympathy. Pretty simple to understand.


I get where you’re coming from but I disagree with that statement. If anything, it just goes to show how fucked up in the mind people can be.

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”


Eh, that bed and home you sleep soundly in were built and designed by smart, technical people who do a job others can’t or won’t.

Everyone (obvious shitheads excepted) plays a part in this society to make our lives relatively easy and carefree.

The thing with law enforcement is there is no other job I can think of with so much responsibility, and so little required training. Maybe that is why there is a percieved lack of due respect? Idk. I just understand why there is totally disparate outrage levels when a cop is killed by a civilian, vs when an “innocent” civilian is killed by a cop.


I don’t understand your statement. What is pretty simple to understand?


What are you saying? That the statement has no merit? Are cops who protect you the smart technical people? or are they the dumb ones guarding the door?

I respectfully disagree. Most people work hard and pay their taxes, while others only live to suck of the government tits.

What do you base this on? The training for police officers is set by the POST governing council, which in turn is financed by tax money. The amount of training hours can be increased by individual departments. The amount of training hours required for one department, will not be same as another, but, all departments must meet state mandate training.

The only “outrage” when a cop is killed is shown by the brothers and sisters. The general public could give a fuck less.


Your post did not come off as anti-cop. IMHO, We all have the ability to do what is ethically and morally right. Some people are just flat fucking evil. I know of one who really loved raping women and then cutting their breasts off. I worked a major drug case where the main supplier loved to make his rivals drink Drano and then force them to watch their wives being raped. They were simply evil and loved to create pain and death.

I could give a fuck less about some pop psychology concerning their “bad childhood or their mommy didn’t breast feed them” . They chose what they did and enjoyed it. May they rot in hell over a slow burning Bar-B-Que spit.


Thats a little dramatic. My point is that the general public expects that, like soldiers, police officers chose a dangerous profession where the risks have been accepted and are known. The private citizen didnt choose to expose themselves to the same risks, so when they are killed it is a surprise and circumstance that other private citizens can relate to. these people dont relate to LE in the same way, because they arent them.


No, “shitheads” has a different meaning in law enforcement.

Most major departments require a 4 year degree. The “average” training is a 6 month academy with around 8 weeks of field training.

No, it is not. Nothing dramatic about it. We will just have to disagree on that issue.

They may not relate, but, that doesn’t stop every citizen from being an expert on law enforcement. Just ask someone, they are always can tell you what is wrong with cops and what they would do different. even thou, they have no fucking clue about anything.

Good Talk, but, lets move on, this thread is about tactics and this conversation is more suited for PWI.


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That grenade launcher. I’ve always wondered about the recoil on those.


I’d like to (try) to shoot that M-14. I’ve shot one of those short shotguns they sell these days with a similar grip, and if you actually try to aim you really have to make a concentrated effort to keep it from smacking you in the jaw. When shooting from the hip it is ridiculously hard to hit anything. I imagine that they may have chopped it to make it easier to get out of a vehicle.


The one I had on my M4 had none.


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