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Off Topic, a little - apologies.

I am looking for intel on any unusual safety issues in Los Angeles cause my wife & I will be there this week.
Staying in a large nice hotel, presumably that building is fairly safe. Outside their doors, we’ll, I’ll have to be on high alert since we’ll be tourists. We’ll try very hard to not LOOK like tourists of course. And I’m damn well clear on the need for awareness etc.
Wat I do not have is any 1st hand info on anything that would increase threat levels downtown other than gang shoplifting & home burglaries, to the point Beverly Hills ppl been buying shotguns etc.

While there, I see anything questionable we go into avoidance mode immediately.
Wat sucks is that I can only have my standard 2 AO knives with me. Sure, up close nobody wants to deal with a blade, but more than one attacker could negate my personal capability to utilize those.

I’ve a solid plan to avoid any issues, like no touring past dusk, or by ourselves in strange territory, etc.

This is simply a request for anyone who may live in LA to share info on potential hazards near Wilshire Blvd.?

Thx bunches gentlemen :slight_smile:

Wilshire Blvd is around 15 miles long. Starting at the beach in Santa Monica, cruises through Westwood (UCLA) and Beverly Hills then ending just past MacArthur Park. That’s some pretty diverse territory for a specific threat assessment. General trends include the mass crowd shoplifting, demonstrations/activism (mostly yelling and crowds not arson), homeless/transient related crime.

These things ebb and flow depending on things like stories in the news or police activity (homeless outreach/clean up). You have the potential to see it from the beach all the way through BH. Not sure how the vibe is going to be by UCLA. They were starting the semester via remote learning for the first couple of weeks. So depending on when you are around there maybe back-to-school chaos or pretty quiet.

Generally between the 405 freeway and Hancock Park (La Cienega Blvd) is lower crime. That’s your UCLA and Beverly Hills areas ($$$). BHPD is well funded and responsive. UCLA has their own PD plus LAPD. Out by the beach has typical property crime (burgs and car theft) and beach bar fueled assaults.

The end by MacArthur Park has a high crime rate and is gang territory (stay away).

Hope that helps.

p.s. Play “spot the escort” in the hotel bar

K, to b specific, the InterContinental hotel at 900 Wilshire Blvd
Your reply is reeeeal damn close to wat I’d expect TBH.

My research shows a high crime rate in Korea town, much unlike Chinatown.

I’m taking 3 blades—neck knife + SOG A/O knives for each front pocket. But, if I’m so close to danger I must deploy a blade, it’s way too close for my comfort.

Main tactic for our safety is to not be out after dark, or anywhere that’s not part of a tour. Granted, a tour could be hacked and crime can happen in daylight….just typically bad guys like the dark better.

Ultimately awareness + avoidance will be my best friends. It sucks I can’t go armed but knew that when we planned this trip :slight_smile:

In any case, I simply feel it desirable to have as much info as possible before going anywhere unfamiliar.
Appreciate wat u told me!
Ya all take care,

K, just really wanna report some personal good news.
Recently I’ve FINALLY been able to exercise with weights again (not gonna call it ‘lifting’) AND am in process of learning tennis which I find incredibly fun along with aerobic benefits.
Given neither weights nor tennis were physically possible 12mos ago, am elated.

The Tactical part of that is Iim becoming better able to train for misc. fighting :slight_smile: Yaaay! Happy happy my brothers!

I’ve missed talking here too. Will try to correct that.

Later gents,