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Correct. Difference is how easily a flick of the wrist with a double handed wrist grab can be executed and requires zero training. There are better techniques to attempt.

Just buy a fake plastic knife give to a guy without long sleeves on. Grab his wrists and tell him to try and cut you and escape.

This is a great video. Some of what is shown is awareness, if a person is approaching you aggressively against a wall, in a corner etc you need to be partially aware of what’s happening. In that situation the kid had no way to escape once the attack started.more instructors need to do this type
Of training in their courses.

I can tell you that it won’t make a difference if he wears a shirt or not. We don’t wear long sleeve shirts where I train.

Right on bro!

So no difference in gi and non gi bjj how one controls some ones arm?

In the gi you have an option to grab the gi material. Not everyone does. Some don’t like to rely on the gi because they don’t want to have two separate games for gi and no gi. And gi grips can be broken.

I agree with that. I don’t make any of my self defense practice totally rely on the person wearing any one type of outfit. My point is simply that if you’re going to attempt to grab someone’s knife arm, that’s wearing say a hoodie, jacket etc controlling the arm is much easier if you’re able to secure the sleeve. I’ve done this many times in practice and it’s amazing the control you can have. And we aren’t talking “controlled” practice either. Balls to the walls trying to kill each other. You’re able to break the persons posture, rotate the arm away from your body and honestly protect yourself while setting up to throw punches of your own. If there’s a chance someone will be wearing longer sleeves (and there’s probably roughly a 50% chance depending where you live) I’d want to train any possible defense available to me.

If you wouldn’t want to try it I understand, personally being in that close to someone trying to kill me with a knife isn’t something I want to do but I love being as prepared as I can be in general.

I’d seriously encourage you to try it if you haven’t. Have someone slap a gi , hoodie (I’ve used cotton and the firmer materials both for variety) give them a training knife and see if they can stab or cut you. I have found that the stretchier material makes it harder to break your grip as well however it has more give obviously so you need to wind it up tight in your fingers.

You need an outside sleeve grip, rotate to the outside where your palm is facing away from the attacker. This helps prevent the wrist flicking and cutting your hand. Basically keeping both of your arms pointing perpendicular to the floor as best you can and any attacks he attempts can be diverted away while keeping downward pressure.

If you know anything about controlling posture in a clinch , keeping your hips back and have decent foot work it’s pretty easy to control the attacker.

I think I misunderstood you. Are saying to grab the material, as if you were gripping a gi (like bjj or judo)? Do you use a pistol grip or a judo grip?

Yes sir gripping the material it’s self not the wrist.

This grip specifically on the outside of the sleeve. I’ll send pics of me doing it on someone later on if I get a chance with a knife in the hand to kinda explain the technique. It’s quick and if you are able to grab to sleeve can be rotated into quickly.

As an aside, that sleeve grip is illegal in Judo. I would like to see how to grip a long sleeved shirt at the wrist. If I do grab the gi, I prefer a pistol grip. I think that over time, the grip like the one pictured, that is popular in BJJ, will wreck your fingers.

Long sleeve shirts aren’t the best to grip for this method. Could be done but fabric would rip easier. Solely depends on the fabric. Most jackets, coats and hoodies are strong enough to take the tension. I’ve even broke out a very old one out a couple months ago to test it and it worked well with a lot of back and forth tension.

You would probably be grabbing the material whether you wanted to or not. I’m just trying to imagine the person holding a knife.

I was never taught to do a fireman’s carry starting with the person as dead weight.

Yeah the set up and actually securing the arm isn’t an immediate technique you go for. And again, nothing is perfect when dealing with someone trying to kill you with a knife. Best options are be armed, escape, or find something to even the odds.

Me neither. A takedown, sure. As an actual rescue technique, nope.

I’ve seen the vid before but didn’t think much of it, as I often question the utility of the slick maneuvers. Growing up on wrestling teams I learned that hammering hard on the basics will get you wins, but trying some flashy technique will get you pinned.

Thought for the day:

Leo Occidere:


Thou, I agree when it comes to a antelope or springbok, when humans are involved, IMO, number 4 should be in first place.


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Thought for the day:

Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.” - Ralph Emerson

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Thought for the day:

During these unprecedented times, you must begin to realize that nobody is going to come save you. You are responsible for defending yourself, whether it be hands on or using your everyday carry tools in self defense. Do you have the training necessary to make sure you are prepared and ready for whatever the future brings?

I don’t agree with the statement, " unprecedented times". You train with the thought of you always being your own first responder in any “times”.


Don’t tell someone you will protect them when you don’t have the skills to protect yourself.