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The T-Shirt Thread


It helps if you read them with a flamboyant inflection while doing a triple snap in the Z formation.


I was thinking this would be a worthwhile thread when MaximusB shows up and delivers a flare of good ole fashion SAMA.




I know. I’d actually consider buying them without the words - just a blank shirt. They look comfortable.


They do look pretty comfy.



I have the hoodie version of this… I just had a younger guy stop and comment at a a local store how much he liked it.


My new favorite (dumb face included)


I’ve got that same one. Get comments on it all the time.


I’m starting to gear up for a Christmas push


How did I forget about this shirt?


Made this as more of a gag than anything else, but I find it hilarious (that’s what matters, right?).

Also just grabbed a prototype of my new logo

If you ever get a chance to pick up a Bella + Canvas Triblend shirt do yourself a favor and get it. They’re the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn.


Not gym related but I did have to buy this shirt when I saw it


Just sold one of these.


I recently bought this one, but it’s a tank top.