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The T-Shirt Thread


I thought it was a Game of Thrones reference? I am fairly out of touch these days though.

My wife bought me a suns-out-guns-out tank sarcastically when I started lifting (coming from a cycling background). It’s less ironic now though but I’d still feel like a tool wearing it to go get the mail.

Also, out of those two shirts I think it’s interesting that the Britney Spears one was the one chosen for the picture wearing it.


You rode the bike (cycled) BEFORE you started lifting… Just kidding i assume you’re actually talking about cycling, as in, on a bike.



Lol, good luck


Just ask this guy.GOT


I got this “99 problems but a bench ain’t one” tanktop for $8 at Walmart and I refuse to apologize for it



I got the Britney shirt because my daughter and wife went with me up to Topeka, I went to the gym there and then we were supposed to go out and eat, but I forgot to bring a change of clothes. So, we went to Wal-Mart to get me something to wear and I let her pick out the shirt, and she told me she was going to get the most embarrassing shirt she could find, so of course I told her I would wear it with pride, so I posted it in my training log for all to see.

It’s legit my favorite work-out shirt, and I honestly feel more embarrassed wearing the ‘Dad has guns’ shirt, just because I never wear sleeveless shirts.


Disclaimer: I do not represent anyone with this comment. This is only my opinion.

Illegal substances that don’t make you an asshole or drive you to stealing to pay for the addiction do not bother me one bit.


I keep getting excited when my brain somehow makes me read “The Wet T-Shirt Thread”.

What a disappointment.


I didn’t realise you were a cop. Sorry if I came off as a dick in the previous comment, I was joking, because laws on AAS are quite harsh, although generally unenforced as people aren’t interested in arresting a dude purchasing/ possessing a vial of test, law enforcement (I think) is more interested in taking down suppliers who sell AAS, sometimes said source will also sell more nefarious substances like amphetamines, opiates and benzodiazepines, all three of which can easily

Cause a person to fit this description. That being said in my opinion it’s a waste of resources to go after people selling steroids when crack, ice and fentanyl laced heroin is being peddled around the streets. Those three are eons more dangerous than even the worst of AAS abuse. That being said sometimes a guy is caught with AAS due to another reason, a guy on here was raided for something else but caught in possession of anabolics, he now has a criminal record! Another issue of selling AAS is the fact that some people are… I hesitate to say stupid but… Ininformed or misguided and end up taking anabolics without knowing what they’re doing or what they’re potentially getting themselves into, these people can end up hurting themselves… Although even people who use anabolics responsibly can end up hurting themselves, it’s a risk that we-… ahem, i mean anabolic steroid users take, and if a person is educated enough to know the risks then I don’t see a problem with it.

To clarify I have nothing against cops, I respect the profession and actually thought pursuing a career in forensics before I became interested in medicine


I wasn’t offended at all. If I was that sensitive then I’d be a terrible cop. I’d get my feelings hurt on nearly every call which would probably lead to a lot of (unnecessary) fights.

AAS were made the scapegoat in some tragic deaths. Taylor Hooton hung himself when he was 17. He had just come off a cycle of AAS so his father took that to Congress. His father has made a lot of money touring the country and speaking out against AAS. The part that he leaves out is that his son was also on anti depressants that came with the side effect of suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

Congress makes lots of money off of “donations” and Big Pharma is no idiot. They couldn’t have a teen’s death blamed on their products.

I think it was Joe Biden who really led the initial charge against AAS in the 90’s. Somehow AAS is a decent level felony even thought the biggest side effect is being awesome! There are some things the government gets wrong and AAS is definitely one of them. I know some substances can exacerbate pre-existing conditions like being an aggressive asshat, but, again, alcohol does the same thing.


How has Dom Mazzeti not shown up on this thread yet?

Shred Zeppelin and Jacked Sabbath are honorable mentions


image https://media.giphy.com/media/20uOz3nspJsQg/giphy.gif


The second one is pretty cool. I’m generally not a big fan of slogans.


Yeah it’s pretty close. I try to avoid repping organizations (LE and military) that I’m not part of though.


This is my latest purchase.


I have a shred Zeppelin tank sitting in my drawer. Really funny gift from my buddies, now I need bigger arms.


Ranger Up has a lot of cool stuff. I have this one eeab0c2a6f58fb9889d0e4e01f1b0d5f_large


How about this?


I do like the caffeine & hate shirts. Again though, I lack the necessary qualifications to wear a military shirt.


Why do they make these?


To make people who live in total safety and comfort feel like they’re being hardcore and doing something daring by driving in a climate-controled vehicle to a membership-only, climate-controlled building to lift balanced, symmetrical objects for a few minutes with ample rest times between sets.

Buy a shirt to feel tough without actually being tough or experiencing any of the danger and sacrifices it takes to become tough.