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The T-Shirt Thread


@Steel_Nation and @Despade both had a great idea about a thread on fitness t-shirts to hate on. My contribution is one my wife was wearing the other day: The Angel of Depth

Considering I don’t squat a mm past where I need to for a “legal” squat, I found this hilarious.


I like the Slayer reference


My favorite that I own…

Nothing says I’m eating 7k calories a day like this.


Really, a classic design.


When your lifts don’t say it for you, best to put it on a t-shirt.


I actually kinda like that one. It’s a fairly clever play on words at least.

It would be awesome if we’d also get contributions of sweet t shirts/tanks (so I can buy them). I like shirts with skulls and 'Merican flags. My favorite is a tank top that has several flaming skulls wearing Old Glory bandanas. It’s absurd.

Wearing tank tops might be douchey under normal circumstances, but Houston is fucking hot.


My 1 year old son has that shirt, ha!


Like this?

(shameless plug, I sell them)

or this


This is clearly a pro cop page but is this your style?


Cops? Where? Fuck! Better go hide my ster-…eo, my stereo.


This is the shirt that inspired my post in the Hardcore thread.


Is this shit tshirts or good tshirts? Lol

I hate these:


One of my favourites was from Broadway Dance Center and just says “IT HURTS BUT IT’S WORTH IT”, although it looks like they don’t do them any more. That works for the gym or the studio or pretty much anything.


I really want an Iron Maiden t-shirt revival.


My daughter buys me the best workout shirts, from the ironic to the cheesy…


I’ve got more than one iron maiden T-shirt, I get them from heavymetalmerchant, most of my T-shirts are heavy metal band shirts, and some of them are actually nicely form-fitting, I workout in them occasionally. In America they had hot topic, you could get lots of band shirts there.


do you dislike it because of the shirt itself or because the shirt is a reference to three days grace. I don’t mind three days grace, I listened to them when I was like… seven, so I checked them out again recently and 7 yr old me listened to decent music I guess. They came out with a new album, there’s a single called the mountain, it’s a shitty, generic song, but there’s some good/decent song’s on that album.


I have a few good lifting shirts. I have “viking power”, “real men wear kilts”, “daddy shark… Do, do, do, do, do, do”, a number of powerlifting federation ones, and I have a t-shirt from my one highland games competition. I’ve worn the highland games shirt once and been asked what the highland games were twice because of it.


I have a black muscle tank by a fitness brand with “FCK SLEEVES” on the front of it
Pretty brazen but I regularly get out in it (gym mainly)
I was doing a coastal bush walk once with the significant other when we passed a group of older men and woman, when suddenly one piqued up “FUCK YES MATE, FUCK SLEEVES! I AGREE”
Us Aussies are a strange bunch

Shirt for reference


Love the Britney Spears one… that’s legit hardcore.