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The T-ransformation 2018 Results



Good work guys


back slaps and atta boys


Congratulations guys!


Well done to @brady888 and @DoubleDuce - great effort from you both and well done to everyone that took part. Some really good transformations all round.


Thanks everybody and congrats to brady.

I literally hadn’t taken pictures or anything until I submitted. It ended much better than I’d thought. I also didn’t think It was going to turn out as well as last year, but looking at the pictures and realizing that I’m almost 20 pounds heavier than last year means what I did worked and this old dog still has a lot to learn. My diet this year was very different. Last year I stayed on basically the same type of diet and just cut the whole way through. This year I ended up gaining, doing a mini cut, and gaining again. A lot more carbs and instinctive eating this year too. Though it helped a lot that I started off in a much better place and have a lower back that is 100%.

For what it’s worth, at the end of this training cycle which ended a week and half after I submitted, I smashed a 415 belt only squat, a 380 paused bench, and a 510 conventional dead. All in an extremely fatigued state and with a good bit still in the tank on each. The deadlift was also my first time pulling conventional, at all, in several years (although I’ve done plenty of cleans). Looking at another meet in November.


Well done fellas, much deserved win for you two!


Thanks for the write-up. I’d like to hear more a out your gain/ mini-cut rotation. As you said, you gained 20 lbs. in a year and look at least just as lean (I was super-impressed with @kd13 for the same reason) . How long would you do each? How did you decide when to change gears? You mentioned the instinctive eating - did you essentially just eat your regular meals until less full (sounds so crazy it just might work)?


I’ll follow the precedence set and provide a short summary of the learning experience of the past few months.

Biggest takeaway was I that need less calories than originally thought. I have a relatively stable diet, and for a long time I would find any way possible to add calories in social interactions or randomly in between meals, often in the form of junk and or easy calories. I thought that I needed them for energy levels, to fuel training, etc. I’ve had more cardio and less calories than quite some time in the past couple months, and my energy levels and body comp have both been improving.


Awesome work guys


Shit! I missed the voting with all that was going on here, that was a heck of a job done by all! Congrats. Well put together, Colucci, had solid participation from the folks here!


Mostly it was just rolling with the punches. I’d planned to gain for a while then cut to get lean, but a lot of life happened and the added stress of calorie restriction just wasn’t happening.

FTR, I’m not as lean as I was, but I also feel a lot fuller than last year.

That isn’t quite what I meant with instinctive eating. What I really mean is that I largely know what gaining and loosing weight feel like, and I can just eat to match what I want. I’d been counting macros for quite a while as an experiment, and learned a lot going into this. Last year for the transformation I used mostly feeding time restriction to manage calories. This time basically I know about where my hunger level needs to be and I just gradually made tweaks as I needed to without actually counting.

Right now, my body actually likes to be lighter than it is. After my week at the beach, after I submitted, not really paying attention I was down 3 pounds. Even though I cooked and ate an extra pound of meet every day on top of what the rest of the family was eating. So gaining even slowly means I have to eat more than I want.

Some other stuff different than last year:
-less cardio, more lifting volume.
-I was doing 1 24 hour fast about once a week instead of 16/8 or 20/4 fasting daily
-more carbs, almost all in the evening (150-ish) vs. maybe 50 grams of carbs daily last year. Diet is fat and protien (mostly meat and nuts) through the day, a serving of bread/pasta/potatoes at night with a large dinner, bunch of fruit for desert. (4500-ish calories a day)
-sleep was better this year (because my daughter sleeps better now)


Thanks for the write-up! Very helpful. I totally get you with the knowing your hunger signals - it took me awhile of cleaning up my act to “reset” to where that was practicable


Awesome job everyone !!