The T-ransformation 2018 Results

I feel like some people might not catch your dry Aussie sense of humor, so… no, just clicking the name in the vote box will do just fine.


Some people might also (correctly) assume I’m an unobservant tool on occasion.

It’s those dropbears, I tell you.


Great work to all participants and thanks a lot for putting all this together @Chris_Colucci. This was a big project and you nailed it.


@Chris_Colucci good work!

@raoh1990 or @brady888 are the clear winners for me, great work from both.


Gack. I’m really sorry about that, man.

I had them all together, just accidentally skipped it because it was the only set of pics without a Jan-June comparison.

Should be corrected as best I can.

No worries, so easy to miss someone. Great job getting it all together again buddy.

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There were really great transformations this year! So hard to choose :slightly_frowning_face:
Big shout out the Chris for putting this all together! Great job everybody!


Thanks for your kind words. I’ve tried to do my best.

You are right, this year there are some very nice transformations!

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You did an incredible job! Nice work! Best of luck!

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Thought @loganator was pretty impressive as well.

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@TrainForPain for me yo!

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Awesome work to everyone involved!

Yeaaah got in with 4 minutes left on the clock :smiley:

Good job lads!

That’s that, gang. Our 2018 winners are…

@Brady888 with the T-ransformation and @DoubleDuce for the Most Improved.

Awesome work from everyone who took part. And for those who started and fizzled out, shame. Shaaaaaame. Also, a little weird that not everyone thought to vote in both categories (53 votes to 36? Pretty sure not even everyone who entered the challenge voted in both. That’s kinda lame). But, anyhow…

Let’s all keep getting after it, remember the August Check-in is coming up, and keep an eye out for the 2019 challenge.

Brady and Duce, I’ll let you guys know as soon as I get a heads up from HQ with more info. In the meantime, kick back and revel in the oohs and aahs of your contemporaries. Good work, you guys.


Congrats @brady888 @DoubleDuce

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Congrats lads👍

Much congratulatory praise to Brady and Duce :beers:

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Congratulations to @brady888 and @DoubleDuce!