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The T-ransformation 2017 Results

In November, an idea was hatched to get the forum together and push ourselves to achieve something more. The kind of physique transformation that too many lifters talk about and too few follow through on.

In January, it began. A 20-week countdown to see who could dial in their training, nutrition, and willpower to reach their goal.

The results of those who stuck with it and conquered the challenge are below.

Cast your vote for the best transformation. Voting will close 12:00pm EST, Monday June 12. That’s 4 solid days to make it count:[poll type=regular max=20]

  • Basement_gainz
  • Benanything
  • Botslayer
  • Chris Colucci
  • Dchris
  • Doubleduce
  • Flipcollar
  • Furo
  • Herawynn1
  • Jboy99
  • Kd13
  • Littlesleeper
  • Lonnie123
  • Lord_humongous
  • MarkKO
  • TrevorLPT
  • Usmccds423
  • Yonkey


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