The T-National Anthem

Every nation needs an anthem… what’s your best suggestion? Though it’s a new song that’s not yet stood the test of time, I recommend Machine Head’s “Bulldozer”. Beg, borrow, or steal, you’ve got to get your hands on a copy of this fucking song. A sample from the pre-chorus (heavy, heavy music in background): “Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall / Bulldozer crushes all.”

I had to post the rest of the Bulldozer lyrics because they’re so fuckin’ perfect:
Into the battles, making cages rattle
There’s a pain that’s inside us and we’re letting it out
Charge right in, we dare to fail
No one is giving in, always we live to win
A hunger turns and burns inside of all of us
And it will not be denied

Walking a path untraveled to reach higher level
Challenging always going against the grain
Blood for blood - that is the rule
And we will make the rules, never be fortune’s fool
There’s right and wrong in almost everything we do
For us we do what is right

Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Somebody told me I should do what they told me
But there’s a hole in that plan and I’m tearing it down
Trust our guts, follow our hearts
No one can break these nuts, these lips ain’t kissing butts
The path of most resistance tests all of our strength
This strength will not be denied

Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all
Bulldozer feeds upon the weaker as they fall
Bulldozer crushes all

Walking on paths untraveled
Challenging one and all
Deeper into the battles
Alone and standing tall
The more evolving changes
The more we stay the same
Full steam against the odds
Go headfirst against the grain

Full steam we go against the odds
Headfirst we go against the grain

Bulldozer goes against the odds
Bulldozer goes against the grain

Against the odds, against the grain
We go against the odds, against the grain

This is the bulldozer
This is the bulldozer

“Rise” by Pantera would be very fitting, IMHO.

I wouldn’t mind something off Hatebreed’s albums, esp perseverance, that cd has some waaaay powerful lyrics on it.

Good choice, however I beleive writing our own would capture our true essence. Perhaps to the tune of some already existing song. Lata.

MBE: “Official Village Idiot of T-land since 2002.”


I guess ‘Macho Man’ by Village People is out then? (pun intended)

Hey…I think that as a democratic “T” Nation, we should be able to CHOOSE our Anthem from one of the following “Testosterone Dripping” artist:


“Barry Manilow”

“Air Supply”

…and last (but not least!); “Yanni”!

…can a Brother get an “AMEN” with a “T” on top!!!(…“her name was LOLA…she was a SHOWgirl”…la,la,la… )…

Fistful of Steel - Rage Against the Machine.

“Black Sunshine” by White Zombie, or maybe “American Badass” by Kid Rock?

how about “bodies” by drowning pool for the official leg day song.

Did anyone see the Street Fighter animated cartoon movie (the good one)? There are a couple out there, so the premise of the good one is that Bison tracks all kinds of street-fighters with borgs. He eventually kidnaps and brainwashes Ken to capture Ryu (okay, it’s an anime plot)

Deep breath

Anyway, in the movie, Chun Li fights Vega in what has to be the best animated fight I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, a totally rocking song is playing in the background.

I’ve finally learned the name of the song. It’s called “Ultra” by KMFDM. Download it and give it a few listens. Man, it’s VIOLENT.

yeah i have a KMFDM cd. definetely one of my top 10 cds. great to lift to.

“Die with your boots on” - Iron Maiden

-If you’re gonna die

  • Die with your boots on
  • If you’re gonna cry, just move along

“Surfacing” by Slipknot or “Height of Callousness” by Spineshank would be great picks from my opinion. Download and listen to them if you’ve never heard either song. They’re great to workout to as well.

How about Third Day - City On A Hill? Its a religuous song, so some of the lyrics don’t fit; but the majority is about we have the truth, and we need to show it to others. With the majority of America being obese, we are the ones who can spread the truth.


The opeing bass lines to the classic Iron Maiden number ‘Wrathchild’ just screams T!

Damn, nothing gets me pumped like some good Rage.

Walk-Pantera or
Only the Strong Survive- Flaw

They sure make those last few reps a whole lot easier.