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The T-Nation Should Rally

Why should we take all this s*it sitting down? I’m referring to all of these bans and regulations…after all, we are pretty much the only people who have buisiness using this stuff anyway, why should the only voices heard be the parents ofsome idiot kid who was trying to get high?

Menshealth has a link on their site where you can mail your rep. to suggest a Public Office of Mens Health, what about it editors, could the T-Nation have a section for petitions and letter-campaigns and the such?

Not that we would necessarily be heard, but going down w/o a fight is a real shi**y feeling…

F’n’A.<" “p” ">I second that motion.

I don’t think you understood the instructions. Try just using the < > and the p .

I agree, we should make some noise about this BS

Thanks Ike. I Friday is leg day. =/