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The T-Nation Friday Articles


Anyone else highly disappointed with the friday article? PUA shit is common. Everyone has heard about those idiots with there magic tricks and alpha male logic crap.

Whats next how to dress metro sexual by Brad and his life partner Chad? Puts on the best nancyboy lisp Now boys you muuuuust look faaaaabulas when you enter a rooooom. PUKE!

I say bring back the Dog, my brother from another mother, Atomic Dog.

TC why ...why!!!!!!! I live in my dull lameness of 9 to 5 all week. Sure I read some good articles by others but the gem of the week is the Atomic Dog. My saviour that shows me the light. Makes me think differently about all things. I so look forward to reading that article. It starts off my weekend with a "your normal after" all view.

I think I will shake my head in disbelief. And walk away aimless into the fog of my thoughts and forgotten by my hero.


The article didn't really bother me. A lot of it seems common sense, but many including myself don't realize it or practice it (not that I need to anymore).

it's just an article, not like I'm paying to read it.


Atomic Dog articles are pretty cool but this post is super gay.


wasn't a fan of the article either.


"Only steers and queers come from texas!"

So I guess you know gay when you see it! :smiley:


Touche! Queer Steers maybe.

I realize it's a jab but most of Texas is really perty unacceptin' of them caleeforneeya types.


Guess we have something in common. "Small town folk done much care for'em ethier". I would rather have sex with my cousin billy bobby sue. hahaha!!

Yep I'm a dirtbag :smiley:


I dont get it. If you dont want to read it, dont fucking read it.

TC said he may not write any more Atomic Dog articles. If that's getting your panties in a bunch, then avoid the site altogether.*

I dont know if you've noticed, there's a whole forum on the right side aptly named "Sex and the male animal." I dont see how an article about picking up chicks is so out of place. Also, in those Atomic Dog articles that TC wrote, I vaguely recall him mentioning once or twice something about women.

IMO, there is way too much bitching about the direction this site is going. Fuck, TC even adresses, or has at least adressed in the past his hopes for the site. It's too bad you dont agree with him, it's his (and Tim's, and Chris', and all the others') site, and they're doing what they want.

Plenty of regular members have left this site for various reasons. Most of them were people worth having around, too.

And seriously, this is the first Friday that there hasnt been an Atomic Dog posted since I can remember. One fucking week, and you're already complaining? Again, TC said he might not write another one. It's his choice, for better or worse and if people start leaving the site, he'll know and then go on from there.

For all the information given out for free by T-Nation, written by the leaders in the fitness industry, there is sure a fuck-load of serious bitching going on.

*For the record, TC, I hope you do write more Atomic Dog articles in the future.


Here's the deal:

Friday was the day after Thanksgiving, a traditionally slow day.

As such, I didn't see the merit of sweating out another A-dog (yeah, they may not look like it, but they're sometimes hard to write) if there weren't going to be that many people around to read it.

So, I ran Nate's interview.

Don't get me wrong, I found it interesting.

However, I also considered it to be kind of an experiment, so I ran it on a low-traffic day. That way, I could gauge reaction with a smaller segment of the readership.

(Glad to hear that I was missed, though!)


Does that mean you still plan on writing more Atomic Dog articles in the future?


So what does you bitching excessively about the excessive amount of bitching say about you?

Please remove the sand from your vagina and have a good day.


How about an Atomic Dog on the history of christmas and the pagan fertility rituals that many of the current christian traditions have been adapted to symbolize spiritually.

I would imagine testosterone could be pretty well tied in to temple whores, fertility and hard field work. It would be interesting, slightly offensive but not too much and right on time.


i liked it.

im not really into the Atomic Dogs either to be honest. if the whole thing was just pictures with words on them id like it more.


and a lot of people mustve liked it since its still on the top forum action almost 5 days later.


I'd like to start off by saying fresh, uncured, ham steaks with a nice apricot-mustard glaze are fantastic.

Second, I didn't 'mind' the article. There's a shit ton of free articles on this site. I don't 'mind' any of them. I read all of them and some I like, some I don't. Some I can incorporate into my training, some I can't.

While I didn't 'mind' Nate's article I found it lazy, dated and redundant. The whole forum aptly named 'sex and the male animal' has about 500 threads talking about pick up artists. This is not a new phenomenon. Nate's article added nothing new to what has already been discussed to death in those various threads and the popular media.

In fact, some of the threads in the SAMA forum were more entertaining and informative than the article. I forget who it was, but someone went to one of the 'boot camps' Nate mentioned and documented his experience.

I would think with Nate's journalistic credentials he could've at least gotten more of an inside look at the guy's operation. As it was, it did come off looking like an infomercial.

I don't see the article as a sign of impending doom. Nate's written some good stuff in the past and probably will write some good stuff in the future. Some times people hit home runs and some times they strike out, but good fresh ham steak is tough to beat.


I just re-read what I wrote, and honestly dont see where I was complaining. I was merely trying to convey a tone of annoyance.

I see no difference between what the OP was posting, and this situation:

Imagine you gave a friend a tub of your protein powder, for whatever reason, and then he/she bitched and moaned [repeatedly] that it wasn't a higher quality blend, or it wasnt the right flavor, or it doesn't mix right. You'd be pissed that this ungrateful cunt is whining when he/she just got something for free.

It's not like there's a monthly fee to be a member of T-Nation. I guess it all comes down to paying for what you get.

It also find it interesting that the OP is a level 0.


People never seem to understand how this works. I'll explain it clearly:

T-Nation wants to run articles that people like.

Therefore, when you don't like an article, T-Nation appreciates it when you let them know, as they can then tailor their articles to what their readers wish to see. As TC stated, he ran the article as an 'experiment'. If no one says they didn't like it because a few people are going to shit on them because ' OMG its freeeee so STFU Noobs!!!!1111!!' then TC and company never know what their readership wants.

I seriously doubt the guys at Testosterone opened this thread and thought 'Well fuck you, you ungrateful shit! It's free, motherfucker!' I bet they value knowing that some people thought the latest article sucked. It's constructive criticism. And every time someone gets jumped on because they don't like an article, T-Nation misses a chance to improve.

As I've stated before in response to such a situation, you can say you liked it and why, and I can say I didn't and why. Both opinions are equally valid and useful to certain people.

That said, I thought the article in question was disappointing as well. However, all other articles have been excellent lately.


I hate Atomic Dog-less Fridays as much as any long time T-Nation member, but there are gaggles of them in the archives. Pick out one from a few years back, or pick up the book and then you can take Atomic Dog with you. Everybody wins.

As for Nate's article, I could do without it. The Alpha Male don't need no tricks when it comes to pick'n up women.

I will say an interview with Push probably would have been a lot more informative and interesting. Profile of a Pimp: The one they call Pushharder.


TC, if you're reading, I second this.