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The T-Nation Challenges



Challenge: BW Bench Press - Max Reps




Challenge: 1.5x BW Deadlift - Max reps




Challenge: 1.5x BW Squat - Max reps.





So here it.

The Challenge thread BETA!

This thread is where the challenges are going to be posted, the rules and 'THE BOARD'


Challenges are going to run from the 12th to the 12th.

The Board will be updated after judging, if the leader is de Crowned so to speak.

Links to videos must be posted and some kind of proof at the start of your challenge video.

A few words maybe or a sheet of paper with T-Nation challenge and the Date etc.

Judges decision is final, no bitching or moaning.

When a challenge is set, rules for that lift will also be set.

Let the games begin!!


Ok the challenges are set and can be seen in the board.

These challenges are the trial run. Simples movements, simple just to see how it runs.


2 minute time limit.

Full Reps.

Judges decision is final.

Post vids/links of your attempts.

Closing date for the first 3 challenges is November 12th.


Do you want proof of body weight? Seems relevant.


Maaaan....that SUCKS! Whyyyyyyyyy?

It mentions that that the "Judges decision is final". Does that mean that the judge's decision is final? Or that the judges' decisions are final?




I am going to wait until the weight is something above BW. Some of us old guys do not do the really high reps well. Bad joints, old injuries, old training age, whatever.


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Max reps for BW DL in 2 minutes seems kind of silly.

Beyond the whiteboard had a challenge a while back where the women pulled 155 for max reps and men pulled 225 for max reps. The winning female (mmgalb, actually) pulled 54 and the male pulled 70. A marginally strong person would run out of time before he/she got tired.


What is this a crossfit forum now.....


Yup, should probably burn your computer...


ehh, I can use it for other things like a place mat or something


1.5xBW squat and DL. BW bench is fine though.


How about a 1 x bw, 1.5 x bw, 2 x bw, 2.5 x bw, & 3 x bw division for bench, squat (front and back each)
& DL with some sort of maximum time limit?

Also, 1 x bw, 1.25 x bw, 1.5 x bw for pick weight off ground and put overhead, i.e. clean and press, with a time limit as well.


Yep. Though books on tape could help...


That kind of solves the weight class issue, as people could gravitate toward their weight-room forte. So we'd have both extremes (PL and crossfitesque lifting)...still nothing for BB though if people still want to do that.


Too many things IMO, it's nice and simple the way it is, if there are 100 categories then being on the board won't mean as much.


^^^ exactly. i've change the challenges to 1.5 x BW.

This should make it more interesting.

Also these 3 are to test if we can even pull this off. There is a lot of shit slinging around here and 99% any thread gets completely fucked up and derailed.

Lets keep it simple this, duck weight classes, and fuck trying to keep everyone happy.

If you don't wana compete, errrr don't fucking compete.

This first attempt at organising it is just a test. Thats all.

IF and only if, it proves a success then we can mix things up and change what we need to.


I figured those who are used to doing higher reps (BB) should be competitive the the middle.


Is this compatible with myspace?