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The T-Nation Challenge(s)


So i was thinking it'd be a good idea if we had some poster set open challenges for people on the board to compete in. Kinda like the things Shugart was posting in the live spill a few months back. Maybe if 'Bosses' are feeling generous they could throw in a box of Finibars or something as a prize for the winner.

Maybe a Challenge a week or so. Post the video on here (with some kind of proof) and let it roll.

I was thinking along the lines of:

Max rep dead lifts with 225.

Max rep clean and press with 135

Max rep squats with 225.

Max pull ups/dips/press ups

These kind of things.

What does everyone think?

Have Thibs or Shugart as a judge and see what happens.

These boards have kind of gone to shit recently and something like this could draw some of the attention back to lifting and what we like to do best.


I'm very sorry but your thread here just reminded me that we haven't seen JasexHCx around in a while.


how so?


I like the idea, but to me, the only impressive feats would be the ones using bodyweight (dips, pullups etc).

A guy who weighs 225 would certainly do better in the 225 squat than a guy who weighs 180. Why don't we use percentages... or weight classes?


Huh? Marz didn't say anything racist.


Maybe it reminds him of a salad.


Good point ID i just used those lifts as examples. We could have 200+ and below 200 maybe.

Again with bodyweight someone like you would probably murder me on pull ups, and that would be my error for competing in that challenge. But it does kinda need to be a fair playing field. We should keep away from biggest weight wins, this isn't strongman. I think we should focus on overall athleticism etc.

FWIW this isn't for my own gain, you all know i'm fat shit who has a shit squat, so is not as if i'm giving examples of things i could even win. Plus whatever the prize was wouldn't get through customs here in Egypt, unless the mods decide to throw some t-shirts into the mix!!


I meant him and JasexHCx had a big fight and when I saw Marzouk was around it reminded me we hadn't seen Jase in a long time.


ye that guy was a vegan asshole.


yeah...and they say meat makes people mean! ha!


What was the argument about?


This could be a really good, and fun thread.

Needs direction though.


I can't remember the thread where it started...it either had "Egypt" or "USA" in the title. Maybe just search posts made by Marzouk and those words and it'll be in there.


Seen as i started the thread i wouldn't mind kind of 'governing' the thread, and the mods could delte shit that was irrelavent so it doesn't turn into a shit storm.


ye i was makign a joke about american movies were released here before in the states. the title was America sucks and egypt doesn't (tonge in cheek) and basically it turned into a whole west v east shit storm about how 97% of egyptian women have had there genutals butchered.


It could be good.

Monday the challenge is set.

All submissions by Friday.

Winner announced on Sunday.


Too short. Some people are hardliners on their program. Look at the Intense set of the Month at IM. That is a 30 day challenge and people complain about lifts not in their rotation.

One week is too short, and you will need more challenges. Max effort, max reps, endurance, conditioning shit etc etc etc.

Needs more direction, and more creative ideas.

Like: Pick any lift, add 20% to it in X amount of time, or first to add 20%, etc etc tec.

Needs a level playing field.


ftr, max reps DL is usually done at bodyweight or a percentage of bwt. you could also apply the same thing to squats or bench. bodyweight exercises are fair to everyone except the fat asses.


Ye maybe your right, a 30 day challenge could be better. give people weekends etc to get it in.

Again good ideas with the challenges. Use this thread to decide the challenges, then make a new thread for each challenge. if you can be bothered me and you could come to and agreement and set the challenges.

Maybe fastest time for 30 clean and presses with a set weight .

Or even circuits, fasted time to complete 50 squats and pull ups etc.

The problem with the increase in weight vids, it'd be hard to monitor/easily faked etc.

If we have timed challenges or max rep challenges it makes it a lot easier to judge and enforce.


Ye good point, so for example 1.25 or 1.5 x bw to set the weight for each perosn.

The leaner you are the better.