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The T-men Pick Up Code

Hey guys, u know, I just thought to myself, that lately I’ve seen alot of ppl on various other forumn, asking questions like, " I don’t have the guts to approach a hott T-babe, and just say “Hi” " How do I pick up chiks" " I have no self esteem or confidence, I can’t even approach"

So I thought, what would be the Dangerously Hardcore way of the T-man? To pick up hott babes.

I know, many of you will joke and laugh about this, and I look forward to those jokes, but I am serious about the question. Maybe Chris Shrugart knows what I mean.

Post the Code!




“I’m such a good lover because I practice a lot on my own”

~ Woody Allen

Here’s one for ya. Walk up to a girl at a bar and offer to buy her a drink. If she says yes, go ahead and do so, but walk away after you hand it to her. If she seeks you out, you know she is interested. If she doesn’t, you just saved yourself the hassle of trying to have a conversation with a total stranger. At the very worst you are out the expense of one drink.

anyone that spends his hard earned money to buy a girl a drink just to see if she will talk to him has no game whatsoever.

You could walk up to a hot T-babe and say:

Hi, my name is…

Lines are for chumps.

P-Dog I second that! Basicaly, if you don’t have the gift of gab to talk panties off. Just put your little ego aside and think with a clear head. Is she really looking at you and then looking away only to look again? She could be interested. Don’t ever touch a woman you don’t know, no matter what! She touches your arm or better yet your chest, she’s interested. Just keep it honest and simple. Not every woman is gonna like you. If she doesn’t, you probably won’t change that. Why waste time and money on a woman that doesn’t really like you. Worse yet, she may tell herself she like you for what ever reason (power, money, pressure to marry) then you find yourself one day with a nagging, bitchy, unhappy woman that makes your life miserable. But dame she’s nice to look at!

Try it before you knock it. You’d be surprised how many times it works. Girls get tired of the same old stuff being thrown there way night after night. They usually like for somebody to throw a curveball at them every once in a while. You have to be creative. :slight_smile:

I was thinking, more along the lines of personallity to portray.

Like Confidence, Humour ecetera. That appeals to Super Hott Babes. I thought to myself what would the best place be to go to ask this queston. T-mag.com came to mind, I think the Dangerously Hardcore site will have a Dangerously Hardcore way that will work in getting the girl you want.

Seems to be just what you’re looking for: http://t-mag.com/html/body_93woof.html

tsball, i agree that your idea is a change of pace from what women are used to. however, under no circumstances would i buy a girl that i do not know anyhting. if shes a friend or we’ve talked for a while and seem to be getting along then maybe. but i would never just buy a girl a drink hoping that she will talk to me because of it. when trying to meet women in a club/bar setting, you have to peak her interest. in my opinion the best way to do that is through stimulating conversation. not, hey whats your name, where do you work etc… the standard stuff. girls have men buy them drinks and make small talk all the time. if your not brad pitt, you have to create interest. i just dont believe that a drink is an effective way of meeting a woman.

While I don’t see picking up girls in bars night after night a fruitful endeavor, there are ways to get what you want. Here’s two:

  1. Buy a cheap wedding ring. Slip it on your left ring finger. Why? Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats being taken.

  2. There are clubs out there where you can face no competition and have a reasonable pool of candidates to choose from. Think outside the box, and you’ll figure out where they are.

Don’t be an average “Nice Guy”… and read “Double your Dating” book

I always agreed with a combination of my step-dad’s advice and TC’s advice.

The big concept?


She’s already decided before you even open your mouth if she’s even going to give you a chance. Mostly, it just has to do with having the balls to say ANYTHING. If she’s digging you, you could be a moron and she’ll still probably listen (a few exceptions apply). Do yourself a favor and read TC’s column “Take a Shot”

Go up to the girl & say “I’m big brother, I’ve been watching you…”

Try wearing a t-shirt that says “Ask me about my enormous cock.” Then let us know what happens.

‘baby, if we don’t get somethin’ goin’ tonight, then the terroists have won’

This is one of my favouites:

Walk up to a girl and say:

“So, are you going to buy me a drink or what?”

A great many girls at this point will do just that because they’re curious. If they shoot you down nicely, leave nicely.

If they think they’re all that and hit you with something like:

“sniff, why would I buy you a drink?”

“Because I’ll have to get pretty drunk before I go home with you”

Then walk away.

It’s a good one because if it works (which it often does) you’re displaying confidence, possibly a sense of humour and just being different. If it doesn’t and they’re nice about it you can move on. If they’re not nice it comes with a built in come-back.


A pick up line is hitting the turn-off button. It was invented to sabotage the competition. A T-Vixen won’t go for it and will likely be offended that you’re treating her like those “other” women. Listen to ko. He got Patricia, the uber-Vixen, right? Heed the Sensei. :slight_smile:

Scrappy, that one made my day. I love it.

A few notes:

  • Ko is right. Just have some balls, talk to her, and be genuine. You don’t need any lines

-Spanky is right. Most girls have made up their mind very early into a conversation or even before it starts. Learn to read signals so you don’t waste ANY time fighting a losing battle. If she’s not fully facing you and she’s giving you 1 word answers…leave.

My own advice is; Go out with people you have a great time with and proceed to do just that. It enhances your chances if you have at least one girl in your group.

Hanging out with 1 or 2 other guys, saying nothing to each other, and staring at every girl in the place will not usually work.

Last but NOT least. If you’re at a casual bar, try wearing your Testosterone shirt. I wore mine at the beach several times over the last couple of summers and it starts all sorts of conversations by itself. Of course you may want to do a Hot-Rox/Mag10 cycle first.