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The T-Manly Thing To Do

I want to make the right choice, the T-man choice… My best friend and I like the same girl. Naturally, we both want to hookup with her. Thing is, he has liked her for a little longer than me. However, he don’t have game; He is the anti-hero to “The Big Woof: Get Laid the T-Mag Way” [which has changed my life]! This same predicament had happened about a month ago with his prom date. He was almost in love with this chica; he brought chocolates, flowers, wrote a song… it was pathetic. A few night later she was all over me while my best freind sat there. I was playing around, flirting and backrubs, but it took everything I had to not get with her. I learned that night that it is damn near impossiblie to think with both heads. Instead my cousin got her that night. Later I found out that this 2nd girl had no interest in my friend. This almost ruined our friendship, I got blamed for stealing her. What is a Man to do? Bros before Ho’s, or am I Persona Numero Uno?

Beannog, I do not beleive that this is a “Bros preceeding ho’s” situation. It appears as if your predicament lies soley in this bewildered chica. Stag fights will leave everyone with broken antlers and bad feelings. THere’s no reason to lose a friend over a girl’s indescisiveness. As you are both enamored with this young vixen, she has the distinct advantage of chosing one of you, seeing both, or wooing that fine young lad working the late shift at 7-11, who let her buy beer with an obviously fake i.d. You should talk the situation over with your friend, silence in this situation is like a rusty iron crow bar that will pry apart your friendship. Now for the more T-driven advice: If you feel that she truly has an interest in you, then by all means proceed to club her and drag her to your parent’s cave through such modern mechanisms as flowers and stuffed animals you’d just as soon tear apart with your teeth as look at. There is a point of balance here, which I beleive is the root of the T-man way. When it suits the situation, use your agression and cunning. Using it to undermine your bud will hurt you both. T-men don’t donkey punch their bros. If, eventually, you get with her and your friend gets pissy, remind him that it was her choice and you didn’t coerce her into anything, you simply made him tap out this one round. If she gets with him, then by golly I nearly envy you, as you have the greatest recipe for emotional ammo suitable to an INTENSE makeout session with iron ever: Chicks dicking you around, the # 1 bench press poundage increaser on this lil planet. Lata.

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fella, don’t let it worry you too much, sounds like this chic was pretty loose anyway. You need to talk to your boy and tell him that if he wants to get with the girl he needs to step to the plate. If your bud has no agressiveness then he will not get any ladies, ive seen it over and over. It really doesn’t matter what you look like personality and confidence go a long way. Don’t go out and press up on somebody he is after but if they come on to you then its tough to resist.

Damn, if she didn’t hook up with your friend, or you, and then fell to your cousin all in one night, the chick is a tramp my friend! Maybe I am in the minority here, but to me, if I noticed a girl like this, I’d leave her be. I’ll go home and pull one off before lowering myself to a girl like that.

My advice is go for the girl. Just don’t use underhanded tactics like: making fun of your friend in front of her, only going after girls that he likes, or other scheming devious tactics. Girls have free will and will choose the person they like better. There is no way to “steal” a girl form someone unless she wants to be “stolen”

I hate to say it, but girls are a dime a dozen… go find another one, its not worth ruining your friendship over. - PJ

MB Eric - Please don’t call this girl a vixen. I’d like to think “vixen’s” have at least a little class. If she could have just as well screwed any of three guys in one night she’s not a vixen. “Ho” was a much more accurate description.

Point well taken, Ironbabe, I hereby retract my statement. Please replace all literary instances of the word “vixen” in my post to Ironbabe’s afformentioned “ho”.

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shes a ho, ho, shes a ho, ho, shes a ho, i said that shes a ho, ho! cant turn a ho into a house wife, hos dont act right. its hos on a mission, its hos on a crack pipe. Man dont let this girl run you. shes a ho. I have this ex girl that i call when i wanna fuck. I dont wanna date her. Shes with a different guy every week. sounds a lot like the situation your in. I wouldnt mess with her cause of you friend. shell be gone in two weeks. hell still be there for ya.

Uh i think “beannog” is talking about two different girls here. The prom ho who hooked up with three guys in one night, and the new one that is causing the controversy. At least that’s what I got when I reread it.

Just to clairify and update, I was talking about two girls. The first lady is long gone now. The second one is gone now too, but may be back. I took some of the advice and backed off. I don’t believe woman are a dime a dozen. Hell, if this were true, I’d have a shitloads more money leftover. Anyways, by sorta backing off I think that I made a decision I won’t regret…Shit, for all I know she has forgotten my name.

She sounds like the type of girl that would forget her own name.

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