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Alright, I know that I probably haven’t done enough research for those of you whose answer to this question will be like,“Why don’t you go look over the previous issues and do some more research.” I don’t remember anywhere in the T-Dawg diet post where it said when we were supposed to discontinue cutting the calories. I plan on staying on this for at lest a couple of months and just wondering at what calorie intake do you discontinue lessening them every week. Also, I was wondering if not enough carbs would be harmful. Like if I stayed under 25 grams or so, even on days that I did work out and why it would be if so? I honestly appreciate the t-maggers willing to help out a t-magger in need of some info. Thanks again.

You need carbs or your rectum gets clogged. Eat green vegetables. You need a post-workout shake that contains about 50g of carbs. You should recalculate your caloric intake every week. They give you 3 numbers in the diet based on your metabolism. Multiply the one that applies to you with your LEAN MASS. Fat mass doesn’t use calories. You don’t change the calorie intake except when your weight/fat% changes. If for example you were 165lb at 15%, and medium metabolism, you would eat 16*(1650.85)= 2244 calories. Say that next week you measured yourself and you were 155lb at 13%. You would then change your diet to consume 16(155*0.87) = 2158 calories. Let me know if this helps.

My experience with the T-dawg diet was less than great. I am doing the fat fast, incorporating carb refeeds every 5 days. After reading Joel Marions article on this and trying it out for myself I believe it is an integral part of dieting. If you are doing the T-dawg diet and you are at about 25 grams a day even on training days, than you are not really on the T-dawg diet. But I wouldn;t worry about this, it is just a name. I think if you can handle this, and your training dosn;t suffer than that is fine.
Just a few questions for you…What is your BF % and your weight. Are you using an androgen?
If your body fat is 15% or above I would incorporate a 7.5 hour carb refeed into your diet every 6 days. If you havenlt read Joels article on cheat meals/carb reefeds I highly suggest you do. Also if you are not on an androgen then don;t drop below 2000 calories or you will lose to much LBM. Obviously this number depends on weight. For myself I use 2000 calories at a body weight of 185. You may need to cut off higher if you are at a higher body weight.
Now that I’m done rambling I will actually answer your question. Take your maintenance calories as per the article and subtract 250 cals the first week, 250 cals the second week and 250 cals the third week. I wouldn;t go any lower than 750 cals below maintenance or you might lose LBM.
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I appreciate the advice Harkonnen and Groovless Toque. To let you know, I fluctuate between 195-205. I was at 15% bodyfat two weeks ago before I started the diet and the last reading said I was at 17% bodyfat. But I think whoever took the readings might not have known what they were doing. Or I was carrying extra water. Regardless of what it was, it was pretty dissapointing to go up 2% in two weeks of being on the diet! Granted, I hadn’t been watching my cals very closely, and not taking any metamucil. I’m now watching my cals very closely. I haven’t started to count carbs yet because everything I’m consuming contains virtually little to no carbs. I’m going to start counting carbs today. I have noticed that my bowel movements are much less frequent and there’s not much “movement” if you know what I’m saying. Anyways, now for the questions. Harkonnen, why do you find carb refeeding an integral part of your diet. What have you noticed from this. Also, what do you mean by a 7.5 hour(?) carb refeed? One last thing, I read in another post that the T-Dawg diet has changed to 50 grams of carbs on non-workout days to 100 on workout days. Is this true because I didn’t find any t-mag articles saying this.

I’m currently using two scoops of vanilla grow for postworkout shake. This contains only 6 grams of carbs.

Check out my formula 69 post…your post-workout shake has to have a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, regardless of whether you’re on a low carb diet or not. If you’re going ketonic, then it may be an issue, but T-dawg is not such a diet.

As for upping the carbs on workout days, it’s referring to the post-workout shake, which contains 50g of carbs. Together with 30g of other carbs, that’s a total of 80g carbs. Clearly, when you’re not working out, you only onsume 30g of carbs.

It was actually me who mentioned the carb refeed, and reason I recommend it is because it signals you body to start producing leptin again(which regualtes fat burning) it rejuvenates your metabolism, which goes way down when on a diet, and it does have some psychological benefits, like delaying cravings etc. I recommend 7.5 hours(actually Joel recomends 7.5 hours) because one meal is not enough to do any of the above mentioned affects, but if you are flooding your body with carbs for 7.5 hours it will. Also since the muscles are so depleted of glycogen because of the low carbs the rest of the week, these carbs will be shuttled right into the muscles and will not go towards producing fat. When I refeed I will usually look a little softer for the night after, but the next few days I will wake up and be noticeably leaner, with slightly more visible abs.(I say slightly because my abs aren;t entirely visible yet :slight_smile:
Hope this helos,
:slight_smile: Groove

Hey, I really appreciate you guys gving me the great advice and getting back to me on my questions. It feels good to know that people out there will still take time out to help somebody else. Hark, I’ll definitely check out you forum 69 post and start consuming those carbs after my workout. Grooveless, you were really informative and the new info. is going to help me out a lot. Do you know around how many carbs i’m supposed to cosume during my 7.5 carb-up period?

Yes I do. You will want to consume between 1 and 1.5 times your daily caloric intake(this is only for the carb refeed still consumenormal fat and protein meals during the rest of the day) and 80% of that is supposed to be carbs, with the rest coming from protein and as little fat as you can get.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks groove. I’m thinking about changing to the fat fast too because I’ve been on this diet and my LBM hasn’t changed at all, I even think it got a little worse!(I definitely think I’m eating too many egg yolks cause all the fat in this diet is definetely getting to me. I’ll read up on the fat fast experiment with Brock Strasser and give it a shot, also Fat Fast Part Deaux. Which article helped you out the most with your diet? I think I’m like you because I’m definetely not having any good results on the T-Dawg.

well, I am not following the diet exactley as it is one the website. Instead of all liquid meals I am doing a whole food fat fast. The reasons for this is it is a little more tolarable, you a get a much better TEF(Thermic effect of food) meaning you burn more calories eating whole food. This means I basically eat meat(chicken, beef, salmon, tuna) eggs, and thats about it. I mix in mayo with my salmon because it is all fat and no carbs.
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Damn, Groove- that’s a lot of meat- where do you get your fiber from? I’d be as backed up as the 405 at rush hour in LA on that diet…

Just thought I’d jump in mid-stream, here. I find that I can be on a diet like Groove explains (basically all meat) with very few “movement” consequences. Some of us are just lucky that way, I guess, but I’m fairly carb sensitive as well, so perhaps that is the trade-off. Either way, greens are a low carb/calorie way of getting fiber. Metamucil is also an option, as are other zero-calorie fiber supplements.

Well, p-nub, that’s the great thing about doing your research: it prevents you from asking a question that’ll get you flamed! :wink:

In response to your original post, John Berardi has written fairly extensively and specifically about coming off of a ketogenic (or near-keto) diet. I don’t remember the exact link (maybe TEK can help out here), but if you skim through his articles around, say, the beginning of 2002 you should find it. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

How many calories are you eating a day? What kind of progress are you making so far on the diet .(lbs.,BF%,etc.) Nick’s question was pretty good too. Tell me a little about yourself. I’m wondering because we might have similar body types when it comes to breaking down foods making muscular gains and what not. As for me, I’ve never been fat. Never been skinny. I’ve had a pretty good build since I was born. My uncle used to say I was built like a Buick. Today I weighed in at 193(I was 200 just a few weeks ago) the last time I got my BF% taken they said I was at 17% from 15% from the two weeks I was on the T-Dawg.(A diet that did the opposite of what it supposed to, yikes!) I’m currently on a double dose of mag-10 cycling with tribex and m trying to keep the muscle i’ve gained through this diet/cuttin phase. I naturally can make pretty descent gains though due to a lot of natural testosterone. My sex drive is fucking nuts, and I have excessive body hair that I take care of with my friend, Nads. If this sounds anything like you I’m sure our exchange of info. we’ll be a lot more relevant then the next guy. If not, it’s still cool, we both know that T-Dawg didn’t work for us and we could still benefit from each other. Right now, I’m benefiting from you and your knowledge and I can’t thank you enough. Get back to me as soon as you can. Peace.

Right now I am consuming 1400 calories at a body weight of 185. When I started this fast I was at 196 with 17.5 percent BF. I am going to get my BF tested next week once I am done the fast but I’m hoping for a max of 13 %. I have no idea what it is now but I guarantee it is down.
I am actually not a hairy bastard, I actually don;t have alot of body hair except on my arms and parts of my back. Chest hair isn’t that thick. Oh yah and I’m a 34 DD and my turn ons are long walks in the park, kittens, and rainbows. (oops wrong pos, that ones for playboy sorry) I have never had my t levels checked but I can assure you I enjoy sex(who doesn’t) As a matter of fact I will go so far as to say my gorlfriend won’t be able to walk for a while when i come back from University on the 18th. I haven’t seen her in 4 months and I have a lot of pent up “feelings” I need to “talk about”
I will post my actuall new BF % next week after I get it tested.
:wink: Groove

Cool bro, I’m sure you will tear it up in the sack. Appreciate the info.