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The T-Beasts Thread


I know we have a lot of animal lovers out there, myself included. So, here's your chance to show them off!

This is dog #1, his name is Bill and he's a Shih Tzu. He's about four, four and a half...


And here is dog #2, Arthur. I am not entirely sure what he is, best guess a Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix, he is about 9.


A pet you can also dust the baseboards with. Practical.


This is my Akita named Nova. She was a present from WguitarG :slight_smile: Here she is at 11 weeks old.


And this is Nova on her 8 month birthday. She still has 20-30 more lbs to gain before she is full grown.


This is one of my cats. He's one of a whole population of cats that live around here. They all have a bob tail, extra long hind legs and siamese features. I took him and his mom in when he was just born because she was realy cute and hungry. His name is Little Bastard because he likes to play soccer with anything left unattended, including his water bowl.


I don't think I need to post Foopa's picture again do I? See Beat My caption...


Brandy, the craziest dog ever.


here's my bitch




Bianca is sooooooooooo adorable! I love your pics!!!


i was gonna post a pic of some hot chick with the captions 'here's my bitch' but colombian stole the punchline and im lazie.


From Left to Right,

Europa, Chivas, Calypso



and Punkin



I think our cats might be twins. :slightly_smiling: Here's Skittles. This picture just makes me laugh cause I caught him right after a yawn....he doesn't look this retarded all the time.


Possible, Here is another picture of the Punk, helping my wife with a project.



The husky is Makia
The small one is Willy and he's a sheppard mix. Willy is 8 and Makia is 9.


Bat Cat...one of the biggest pains in my life...but she's family. We also have another cat who is pure white and her name is Janice.


This is Sam at dog beach in san diego last summer.


Here is my 'lil horsey Kenny. I got it cheap 'cause they said it was 'not like other horses'



Pets? I thought this would be about T-Vixens dressed in skimpy tight Halloween costumes, big fake canines and little horns on their heads...

Anyway, great pics.