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The Systemlord Callout Thread

Oh, higher dosages I HIGHLY doubt have a beneficial impact on endurance performance… Anaerobically almost certainly… but the runners (marathon) using AAS. It’s like 10mg oxymetholone, 100-200mg deca weekly, 100mg test weekly etc… I find dosages above 250mg deleteriously effect my endurance… pumps become unbearable, water retention (extra weight) makes it more difficult to transverse larger distances.

For extreme endurance… keeping weight OFF is the goal, so anything that induces water retention is considered detrimental. Compounds that don’t aromatase (mast etc) tend to induce cramping. AAS for endurance athletes (ultra endurance athletes) tends to be about

  • replacing what’s not there anymore, as cortisol dominance and emaciation/VERY low BF% induces a state of hypogonadism
  • replenishing/increasing RBC count… it’s less dangerous than EPO

With flexibility, not testosterone per se… but non aromatising compounds and (ESPECIALLY stanozolol) tend to be implicated with inducing tendon injury/tears

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More money alleviates certain stressors, but that’s it. Above the threshold you encounter new stressors and the discovery that you still have problems. Having more than enough money just highlights that a person still isn’t happy and that creates a whole new problem for them.

Oh just be quiet already, fucking lol at this “got called out”, you are on an INTERNET FORUM, do you realise that? This is not back in high-school. I can tell you with great confidence that neither you or most people in here would have the balls to “call me out” in real life, ill tell you that. Now go back being some forum keyboard jockey, atleast you can feel cool somewhere in the world then,

I might be an outlier, but there are many outliers, especially on forums like these. We already have two other guys in this very thread - along with me - who are “outliers”.

You just have to accept that on internetforums, no matter the subject, people will be of different opinions, and you just cannot shut people up cause they dont think the same you do, that is not how this thing works.


Well, what are you’re exact stats… this will determine whether people would have the balls to call you out…

Dextermorgan isn’t a keyboard jockey either, furthermore you’re proving his point. You initially made a sarcastic remark about Dbossa, Dexter replies to you’re statement with a “pot… kettle… black” analogy and you go on this little rant, stating that “no one would have the balls to call you out in real life”

Say someone actually does call you out for being “overtly emotional” in person… What are you going to do? Punch them in the face? Like an overtly emotional, angst ridden teenager and/or prepubescent child who can’t decipher between right and wrong?

I guarantee you you’re defence wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. Unless outright threats are being made or someone is REALLY up in you’re face, throwing a punch over “You’re too emotional” will net you an assault charge… I would certainly have the balls to call you out, and I have no qualms calling out others bigger than me in real life. I know that if I’m beaten up absent of significant physical and/or verbal provocation (I’m not particularly aggressive with my demeanour… my brother is) I can ruin the attackers life by pressing charges…

I’m predominantly irritated here because you took an UNDESERVED shot at Dexter Morgan, a vigilante serial killer who only preys on those who induce harm amongst others.

Before a comment is made about me getting shot… get real, this is Australia. If you’re caught carrying a gun outside of your house (not sealed in a locked container) you’re looking at a very long stint in prison.


For what, like the 5th time now? LMAO

Hang in there brother. If your advice is worth anything at all, and I believe it is, it can handle scrutiny and is worth taking the time for you to defend and uphold it. Don’t turn tail and walk away. This will invalidate anything you have started here.

You say that you want to help people, well if you only reach 3 out of every 100, aren’t those 3 worth the effort?


I have not laughed this hard in a while.

The thing is we’re on an internet forum and yes you got called out for always being on the rag by quite a few here because the only posts you made are negative shit usually towards another person on here. I understand you’re quite a bit larger than me and there’s definitely an advantage but I don’t think it would be as easy as you think. I boxed for many years before going into Jiu-jitsu. While I’d likely not win I would be happy to give it a go if you’re ever in New Orleans. I have always loved fighting and I’ve had my ass whooped as many times as I’ve won so it would be a normal Tuesday regardless.


The person you don’t want to fight is the person who doesn’t mind scrapping. Not the person who thinks they are a badass. Usually and often . Get after it brother.

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That’s OK, all you have to do is get enough shots in that they won’t come back for you on Wednesday.

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This escalated quickly…

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This thread has become something truly special. It really has it all.

  • keyboard warriors: check
  • @dbossa dramatically exits the scene: check
  • threats of offline confrontation: check
  • ad hominem remarks: check
  • bitching and moaning: check
  • guy named after a serial killer: check

I mean @systemlord fucked off a long time ago ahaha.

Just remember, kids, even if you win an online argument, you’re still just the winner of an online argument.

And for what it’s worth my money is on @dextermorgan He seems like he’s ready to pull some dirty south shit if it comes to it.


I actually had to go back and re-read what this thread is about, that’s how many times this thread has changed course.

I had my fill anyways. Now it’s morphed into general fight club arena.

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Its been good. Ive seen some of @systemlord replies on some current Topics and he has been informative, and less carefree about being his own parrot. This thread lit the fire on some folks and thats really fun to watch. Me included. Good to see there is some life in all of you!

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The first first rule of fight club is…

don’t TALK about fight club

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FWIW, i think both of you need to chill on the hard line medical advice as neither of you have a clue what the long term ramifications are of your “advice”. Lets let the actual MD’s give the medical advice. Not internet MD’s and youtubers.


I don’t know why you guys always seem to pick the weekend to freak out. Is it just so I have a busy Monday morning?

Whatever twists and turns this thread took, I think it’s safe to say that further posts are not necessary. Just to tie up a few loose ends:

To be clear, the forum absolutely does not promote “bullshit broscience”. A small handful of members may be offering advice that’s based solely on personal opinion and not science-backed, and that advice can certainly be counter-argued by members offering differently supported info, but the forum is a place for people to get goal-focused information to help address their situation whether it’s low T, getting abs, pulling six plates, whatever.

The T Replacement forum, in particular, happens to deal with a diagnosed medical condition. Being that we’re on the Internet, I’d like to think that it goes without saying that actual medical advice is not being provided (though it actually is said, in the original “About the T Replacement Forum” sticky) and anything read here from anyone should be taken with a grain of salt and filtered through common sense, your own additional research, and your doctor.

While there are some principles/methods that most members would agree on, there’s little in the field that can be definitively stated as being the one, single best, correct way to manage TRT.

To be clear, this thread is about the more-than-a-few people who think your advice, to be frank, isn’t worth half a crap and that your post count is filled with much more quantity than quality. You’re an unhealthy, out of shape dude who’s self-“taught” and highly mistrustful of actual medical professionals.

You tried TRT for a couple of years before stopping but never stopped being unhealthy or out of shape while devoting a lot of free time to giving people advice that can sound very declarative and matter of fact although it’s based on, at best, loosely supported inferences from whatever studies you can Google about the topic you’re discussing or, at worst, unsupported thoughts off the top of your head.