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The Swag (Urban Fashion)

theres a thread for just about everything on here so i figured why not make one for the young culture out there. this is pretty much about the latest urban culture in terms of music, fashion, or anything thats relevant to the flyer than you/swagger scene.

this is not a place to discuss fleece sweaters from the Gap, kahki slacks or the new dave matthews band or john mayer albums. this isnt a place for backpack rap and militant political shit either. it aint the spot to talk about Fubu and baggy ass jeans with Timbs and 4xl shirt and Tupac’s greatest hit album. so without further adou

some new rappers im really feeling right now are The Cool Kids. you may have heard their hit single “Black Mags”. That song is fucking siiiiiick, especially if youre someone who does or used to fuck with BMX (yea i had the black/green 98 Dyno Air with the black mags baby)

Anyone know any similar rappers to them? ive checked out Pacific Division who are somewhat similar in the sense theyre on the same level of content and swag. Another person who comes to mind is Tabi Bonney, his only album im aware of is Fly Guy’s Theme and he released videos for Put Me In The Pocket, Syce It, some love song i forgot the name of, and just recently released Beat Rock (which is crazy). I think Lupe Fiasco and Kanye are holding shit down though…well im not really feeling Lupe’s new album but his previous stuff still goes. And Kanye is just elevating every time he comes out with something, must be something in the Chicago water.

as for fashion, im a fucking t-shirt addict, i dont know why but i love to cop new t-shirts all the time. probaly because i feel like they can express so much more than any other type of clothing. so for shirt lines im really feeling TITS (Two In The Shirt). 9Grand is also good, they make their stuff a lot thicker so it doesnt feel as cheap like a regular t-shirt with just a print (like TITS does).

theres a few, i cbf writing out there name but allhiphop.com had an article on them and similar artists

too be honest i have no idea about fashion

i wear a tshirt i think is “fresh” btw in australia it means generally a fluro top, i try too follow america hip hop trends, n a decent fitting pair of jeans

unfortunatly girls still feel like skinny tall lanky fucks are the hottest thing going around(sorry i’ve been hitting on this girl on n off for about 2 months n just found out thats what she likes, kinda still pissed)

dunno but my swag is incredible i guess

cool kids are weak, they’re just an 80’s gimmic. They’re popular because they’re different and reminiscent of the 80’s big beat hip hop. That said I’m actually feeling “i’m mikey” but probably because my girl and her friends made a video to it…

though, i had a GT Mach 1. but thats a little off topic…Anyway another rapper that you’d like is Mickey Factz his mixtapes have been pretty hot though I’m not sure if it was the 1st or second one that was hit or miss.

I’m feelin this Kanye song at the moment, my girl has choreographed something to it too :-p

Really I dont listen to a lot of new music, just mixtapes and stuff.

3 stacks (Andre3000) has the art of storytellin 4 out on dj drama’s mixtape.

One of those things that fly under the radar to most hype beasts.

I’m not a t-shirt guy, everyone and their mother has a t-shirt line (mickey factz has a song about that). Marc Ecko though makes shirts on high quality material I judge most shirts by their standard.

Of course most t’s now of days are designed like 80’s style or to bring attention to yourself. Like hella fresh prince colors and shit. Which I"m cool with depending on the design but some of that shit is bright just to be bright and thats not really me.

90% of the shit that people start coppin is straight up hype. Its the kind of shit you can wear once or twice and then it loses its novelty and i’m not about that. i can bring out a drunken munky hoody from 3 yrs ago and get compliments on how nice it is because its nice and fits my STYLE not just the current ‘fashion’ trend.

If you want to be up on the fashion trends I can tell you who Kanye West copies, european white dudes. lol.

This is a french band he’s sampled from at least 8x and basically jocks their entire warddrobe.


I like kanye, pharrell, and all that but maybe i’m just biased because all this shit is kinda coming after “my day” im more of a wu tang clan, rakim type, wearing bapes and shit just doesn’t fit me.

Anyway, I’m in the gym a large % of the day, gym or work so I’m either in a suit or sweats.

Thats probably why I’m more of a sneakers and fitted cap kinda guy… Though I had a big hoodie fetish for a while but I easily have like 40-50different hoodies so I’ve chilled on that for a minute

But because i’m in sweats most of the time, i prefer to just have a fresh pair of kicks and a nice fitted cap. i could have on sweat pants and a thermal and with the right other shit look like a million bucks.

favorite shoes are nike spiz’ikes, jordan 4’s (true blue’s), and couple diff pair of supra’s that I have.

those are fairly expensive though so I dont wear them that often, most of the time i just wear some all white airforce 1’s or diff DC’s. There’s a DC outlet in las vegas where I can get them for like 40bucks and I used to (still sometimes) skate so nothing’s more comfortable to me. Plus I don’t feel like I just wasted money if i scuff them.

I dont want you to hate on me but…

for real i think lil wayne’s new shit is fuckinnn fireee. the reason i like is because he has some crazyyy punchlines and he can work it into a hit song and make it sound good. usually other rappers who got good punchlines and lyrics cant flow it right, therefore they dont blow up like weezy did. but seriously hes like on another world maybe its all the purp and syrup lol.

my style is mostly jeans, i fuckin love jeans. i buy either LRG jeans or Guess jeans, because guess jeans dont fuck up when you wash them.

ill post back on this later… good thread tho

I don’t care what vernacular speech patterns you have, but when you write like this, it makes you seem retarded. Just a suggestion, but you guys may want to consider writing less absurdly.

dog, you need to buy higher quality denim :slight_smile:
I wont hate but… Come on… Lil wayne? LOL after ghillie da kid stopped ghost writing for him the drop off in his bar’s was horrible.

or listen to “Reciept” and then listen to “Song cry” by jay z you can see how much he bites off of jigga.

If you know a little bit of rhetoric and poetry you can copy lil waynes style EASILY too. He’s just a series of alliterations and assimilies. Not nearly as bad as say cam’ron or Juelz santana but he’s not much better than them. Just slightly more creative.

and “lollipop” is the weakest track i’ve ever heard in my entire life. He does have some new song that is FIRE though… “a milli” i think its called.

regardless, my point is you’re hypin up lil wayne far far far too much.

but young o, you have a great avatar


Diaz Bros are awesome (209!)

oh and aleksandr… i have my bachelor’s degree from a top 10 school, a great job, speak multiple languages, and my typical vernacular is quite eloquent (especially when I’m working). Quite frankly i’ll speak how the fuck I want when I’m on my free time. I’m not an english teacher.

Please tell me what the hell I wrote that makes me appear (to YOU) “retarded”.

To denigrate me because you don’t agree with my speaking patterns or my chosen style preference is what is retarded.

Nothing I have written is absurd. I’ve used SOME slang but for the most part I adhere to grammatical rules and I spell properly.

you act as if im writing:

oH fAshoTy knawutImsayin dog Iz bi b!g pimp!n it ya kn0?

Now this would be cause to vilipend my post.

My above post in no way should cause you to feel the need to come and play daddy, and criticize something you don’t agree with.

Basically what I’m saying is…

Go wash the sand out your vagina.

Some might find your use of slang patronizing and offensive. The fact that you don’t normally speak like that makes it worse.

this is gunna turn into a lil wayne hate thread but my thoughts are

  • he needs to stop using the vocoder, i feel like dying is a good song, lollipop is alright but he needs to drop it now,

  • i prefer to choose “urban” clothing lines as they fit better and are comfortable however they make me look alot bigger than what i am around the waistline…

  • australia is stuck in a fluro, tight top v neck metro tops, i dont really have a problem with the style i guess but wen i cant get my arms through a large theres a problem

  • i generally wear zoo york, lrg, g-star or stussy clothing, either wearing stan smiths or air forces or timbs wen im not in the gym

  • yes lil wayne is copying jay z but its still decent music…if you want classic music listen to z-ro…he is on the same level as 2pac no joke, he just needs better production and too stay out of jail


jus listen to these wayne tracks maybe ull like them, i think you can just search all of them on youtube

lil wayne feat nu jersey devil - bandana on the right side (just weezy’s verse in the beginning)

lil wayne - cant tell me nothin freestyle

but honestly like if you heard all those punchline rappers like Fabolous or all these underground rappers that have good lyrics but still never get heard of, none of them can flow it and make it sound good like weezy does.

“Im a beast and i hang with the beasty boys”

Gilly ghostwrote for him??? wtff

wayne said he ghostwrote for Dre on his new album and for scarface. Honestly, wayne was cool back then with the Block is hot and 500 degreez album, but i like how he completely switched his style up ever since like the carter albums came out its been sickk…

dayumn those LRG jeans and Guess jeans are like $80 each what kind of jeans u buy lol… yeah diaz bros are hella clean especially nate… do you know who he might fight next??? Tyson griffin???

and xen what part of cali u stay in, im up in fuckin livermore

lil wayne is ill. fuck all that gillie BS.

his old shit was hot (the carter) but his new shit is insane. i dont know, you just have to like be in that mindset and its crazy.

lil wayne on the Cant Tell Me Nothing remix was insane, only reason to listen to the song. “let em hate though, im on my way to the bank L-M-A-O”

anyway, for jeans or “denim” i just get whatevers clever. i think Artful Dodger makes some crazy stuff but i just cant afford it…like 150-200 for a pair, cant do that. im in the like $50 range so i gotta wait til something that was like 80-100 goes on sale. =/

ill tell you what though, fuck what anyone says im feelin The Pack. like i used to think they were mad dumb when i was still on that late 90’s early 2000 hip-hop but since ive evolved im feelin that crazy retarded shit now.

oh and yea “Im Mikey” aka “I Rock” is fuckin siiiiiiick.

gillie didnt write for wayne, wayne just took his style and ran with it during the squad up tapes, wayne is a mix of dipset, jay and gillie…if i was juelz id be pissed as hell

best wayne line was off jr writers album birdcall remix with camron aswell

i cant remember it exactly but he rhymes adolf with ray charles, the delivery is awesome…

get on that z-ro

word@ xen nova

people need to get out of here with that dumb shit, most the rappers out today that fuck with this style have fucking degrees. retards cant dress fly.

Kanye, Lupe, Tabi Bonney, Kidz In The Hall, i mean most the other ones are young like 18-22 so its understandable.

I don’t think you can deny the talent of Lil Wayne although recently I feel he has taken a few steps backward (ie, Lolipop, California Love). I agree Young O, I’m more of a fan of his new style. In my opinion he’s at his best on “Da Drought 3”, youtube ‘live from the 504’, ‘get high rule the world’ and ‘walk it out’ if you don’t believe me.

I’ve been a fan of Kanye since I heard ‘through the wire’, and have been following him ever since. His musical creativity and rhymes just do it for me.

Lupe’s new CD has gotten mixed reviews, I think mainly because it was released as a concept album (based on Food & Liquors- ‘cool’) so there were some filler tracks than usual, but in my opinion he kills everything he’s on. He’s raps about politics, social issues and such but does it with so much style. Plus you CANNOT deny his wordplay (‘dumb it down’, ‘gotta eat’). I’m also a big fan of his earlier mixtapes (Da Exam, Farenheight 9/11 pt 1, 2 & 3, Lupe the Jed) Check out Datpiff.com to download these mixtapes for FREE.

Slightly off topic but here is part of a track supposedly for Detox. Dre hasn’t layed the vocals yet.


Yeah Lupe’s rhymes are fuckin good i like his shit

In 2007, he also appeared on the R&B single “You” by singer Lloyd[2], among 864 recording appearances and verses he recorded that year alone.[3]

^^^ if you search lil wayne on wikipedia thats what it says.

honestly IMO, lil wayne is one of those rappers that haaaaaaveee soo many good verses and songs, that if someone asked you what lil wayne song is good, you would draw a blank cause you cant think of which one to say. Like when i go on youtube, i cant even think of a video to watch because there is soooo many.

Im not tryin to turn this into a lil wayne thread but ill post some of my fav songs from him later…but i also love:

Lil wayne - mic check 1,2

Lil wayne - always strapped, brand new

^^^ just listen to those 3 tracks and the other 2 i posted earlier.

thank you

Im sure you guys have already heard “I feel like dyin” <<< when i first heard that i was listenin to it all day

Also i fuckin love “lil wayne - sky is the limit”

Can anyone say W-I-G-G-E-R?