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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


That’s fair. I was merely noting my disappointment. Newark seems like the type of place that one mayor couldn’t fix, or 12.


Because too many people make money off the crime and poverty. I came to the conclusion after living there a few years that Newark only existed to screw the people who lived there.

But speaking of Booker and crime, the gangs there claimed they were going to kill him after he was elected.


Sounds like he was onto something then.


But he’s gone and they’re still there.


Quite so. I guess pissing them off isn’t enough then. God knows what is.

If I knew, I could get rid of the IRA and UVF in my county.


Well, this just got real ugly. At nearly the last minute, a scandal breaks out. She doesn’t know when or where. He’s been through FBI background check after background check. And, Feinstein had been sitting on this since July. Anything is possible, I guess. Still, I’m just a bit cynical. What is there to do? How is something like this even investigated? What do you all think?



Even if the allegations are true; they go back to High School…High School…

I really wish more women posted; so I apologize if I ask you too much for one women’s opinion, @Powerpuff

Shouldn’t there be some kind of “statue of Limitation” on all of this…and some level of common sense? “Common sense” meaning taking into account 1) time 2) the severity of the offense, and 3) some pattern of behavior that has existed throughout ones Life?

A fifteen year old kid is in a room with two other kids; they lock the door; and try to take another teenage girls cloths off…

Really? Tell me if I’m missing something here…


I can’t imagine a more blatantly partisan way to handle this. If this had supposedly just come to light it would look funny, but the fact that it is known that they have sat on it for two months looks terrible.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to it, but then I think the statute of commob sense has to kick in, like you said. And if this indicates a larger pattern of of behavior, more of the pattern would have emerged by now.


He denied them, but if it turns out they are true should that reflect upon his character and honesty?


You tell me.

30 years later…does a teenage Boy wanting to see a naked teenage girl have any bearing on the man he is now?


Hi Mufasa. Just a couple of thoughts, in no particular order of importance.

There are serious problems with 30-year-old memories. Anyone who wants to think about that can look for Elizabeth Loftus’s work, lectures are on youtube, about the accuracy of our memories. That alone would make anyone hesitant to take a “he said, she said” situation of this type at face value. As Gabby mentioned, there are no other situations in his life that show this kind of behavior at all. BTW, when someone really believes a false memory, which is often the case, there’s no reason they can’t pass a lie detector test. Believing something really happened, is not a very good test of accuracy.

I believe he was supposed to be 17, and she was 15 when this alleged situation occurred. There is a reason we make distinctions between adults and adolescents or children. If it was known that he was an adolescent rapist, then of course some doors (like serving on the SCOTUS) are forever closed. In my opinion this is not that kind of situation.

In the current zeitgeist, all victims must be believed. If that is the case, anyone can be ruined at anytime by a disgruntled employee, jealous neighbor, confused patient, or just a full sociopath who has no problem using people as tools or destroying someone for entertainment or political gain. All that needs to happen now, is to have any person willing to come forward and say he was inappropriate on another occasion in his youth.

@ Feinstein’s sitting on this since July? It makes it look bad. She’s now seen as a centrist or moderate in the party, and the increasingly far left wing, ascending in power in CA, is very hungry. I think this looks like her attempt to please them.

It’s ugly all around. Brett Kavanaugh will now be tainted by this accusation from his youth forever. I find that very sad.

I don’t think this will result in a delay past the election. BUT… If the Dems are successful in Borking him, I guess they can all say “Remember Garland? Now we’re even.”

If that happens, I doubt we’ll go back to any kind of civility, where we have nearly unanimous bipartisan support of most court nominees, as we had in the past. I think our democracy hangs by a thread in many ways. This wouldn’t be nearly so politicized if we had a functional legislative branch. Honestly.


The research in memory is absolutely fascinating, @Powerpuff.

The idea that we don’t remember things like it’s some tape recording on the brain was an eye-opener to me. What we remember is the last recall we have of that event; which over time becomes extremely distorted.

Related to Kavanaugh…I think he gets confirmed.

To me; there just is nothing there in relation to what he can bring to the Supreme Court.

However; as you indicated; in our current Political Environment…where Donald Trump could be elected POTUS…nothing surprises me anymore.


If what happened is true, should he admit it given that it shouldn’t have any bearing or lie because it might have some bearing?

It might be normal for boys to want to see naked girls but is it normal for them to try and forcefully disrobe them? And at 17, is one really a boy?


Is that a bad thing?


Funny thing is it will ring very strongly with their constituents, if the past is any indicator. America truly wants partisan games. They spent the last decade telling us that.


The reality is that even if everything the accuser says is true, he neither removed her clothing nor had sex with her. And it’s hard to believe that she was able to leave the room against the committed efforts of two 17 year old boys (one of which was on top of her at some point if her story is true). That suggests to me that if the event in question happened, it was probably an awkward misunderstanding among teenagers.

As to Brett Kavanaugh’s denial, he gains nothing by coming out and saying, yeah, “We were at the party and we kissed a bit but she wasn’t into it and left.” So he just denies trying to rape her, which denial he probably believes. But after 30 years, those two different stories might exist in memory very comfortably. Or, it was an awkward memorry from his adolescense that he doesn’t attach much meaning to and has since forgotten.


Since I never did anything like that, nor ever wanted to, I can’t speculate about what happened, why it happened, or how it happened. I never had any “misunderstandings.”


Well, he says it didn’t happen, so what now? It’s a complete he said she said as it stands. Unless more women come forward, or at least a witness to the specific allegation,I don’t see it changing anything. Like Mufasa I think he’s confirmed.


What specifically have you never done? Been on top of a girl? Tried to take her clothes off? Kissed a girl?


I’m glad someone articulated my thought and saved me the effort.