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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens



It appears that in many peoples minds, the Constitution is now “situational”…

How dare you suggest something as radical as checks and balances! We need to Make America GREAT again!


Agree with Jon Stewart on this.

No question…Trump is Damn Good at this…and the media is lousy…

They will lose every time they attempt to go head’s up with Trump…

Ignoring Trump simply is not an option, and Trump knows that…

So he continues to “win”…


I personally don’t disagree with any of this - I think the media should take a higher road. But my question is one of standards - why do Trumpkins think it’s not only ok but awesome that Trump slanders, slashes, savages, and deceives in speaking to the public, but they object to the media operating by the same “streetfight” rules of messaging?

They cry - and cry and cry - about how mean and dishonest the media are. Ok, so that means mean and dishonest are off-limits in public discourse across the board, right?


Nah, trying to be dismissive isn’t going to work - I’ve given you substantive reasons why we should vote to constrain an executive we have good reason to think can run the country into the ditch through ineptitude and/or corruption.

Another example? Saudi Arabia - are there realistic concerns Trump’s foreign policy choices w/r/t Saudi Arabia might be compromised by his personal business interests? Very much so. This is a legit policy problem, and the bootlicking GOP Congress would never inconvenience Trump to find out and then take action, if so. So, hire someone who will.

Don’t think these are legit issues that need to be examined by, let’s remember, a co-equal branch of the government given constitutional oversight responsibilities of the executive? Suit yourself.

I’ll stick with the version of government the Founding Fathers had in mind, and you can stick with your Real Housewives of New Jersey-esque one currently on display.


Now, now, now, @thunderbolt23

There you go again…letting that damn Constitution get in the way…

(P.S. Didn’t Trump just tell you he can change it with the stroke of a pen?)


Careful there, you might get called a troll.


If there is one thing we’ve learned in two years, the Trump movement* is not a conservative one - it’s one of revenge. It’s fundamentally a movement of losers who see government as a vehicle for revenge against hated others.

That’s why they’re always mad.

*And to be 100% clear by “movement” I mean the real fans of Trump after two years of governance who want him to turn it up a notch. This isn’t all Trump voters or simply Republicans, far from it - I’m not referring to the folks who saw Trump as the lesser of two evils in 2016 or who thought maybe he was a bona fide populist but now know he isn’t. These movement types are ones who don’t much know and don’t care about much in politics other than now that Trump is in power, there’s no greater good than “owning the libs”. They’re a subsection of right-leaning voters, but there’s more than I thought there were as of 2016.


Just thought I would emphasize this, @thunderbolt23, before someone who hasn’t read your complete statement starts the “…THIS is why Trump won…!” dribble…


Whoooa there buckaroo!!!

You saying that he wasn’t?



Trump is hot garbage.
Most Dems are hot garbage.

We should vote for hot garbage to check hot garbage.

Did I miss anything?



RBG would’ve 100% retired already if Trump was not the President.


One of my big fears is that Democrats put forth a candidate that mirrors Trump. If the candidate wins, we get a shit president and frothed up base intent on sticking it to trumpers above everything. If candidate loses, we get Trump… With nothing to lose and a full on god complex.


This is the bizarre thing about Trump, everyone tries to out “trump” him. I think a better strategy would be to not try to beat him at his own game and just act like dignified adults. But his enemies either can’t help themselves, or don’t know how.


She’s swirling the drain… Another conservative judge coming your way.




That dude is what happens when The Bang Bros. go to law school.


I actually think “none of the below” should be placed at the top of every ballot. I want them to know how despised they are.


They already know. They don’t care. They are running things.


It’s one thing to know, but it is another thing entirely to have it as a pollable statistic.

It’s something I’d like to try, regardless of effect. It would have a bonus of bringing voters closer together when they realise that everyone hates the choices offered, even their political opponents.

Not joking, I’d be tempted into mandatory voting to get this on the ballot.