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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


Ever hear the one about how everyone in the world is stupid (insert asshole here), except for you?

Errr, dude…


Ever hear anyone laugh at one of your jokes? They were just being kind.


Since our resident Trumpkins appear to be born in 2016 with no understanding of the world before then, here’s a refresher on political vitriol and threats during the Obama years. Don’t forget - the Secret Service had to extend security when Obama was a candidate.

Of course, this doesn’t cover the rabid name-calling at rallies and on blogs - Constitution-hating monster, etc., and of course, racially charged unmentionables:

To be clear, threats and hateful attacks like this - real or rhetorical - are disgusting and unacceptable, no matter where they come from. But this idea that “the Demz” are the drivers and the worst offenders in this space is just more Trumpkin propaganda.


Or even worse, @thunderbolt23, that somehow; in some alternative Universe; that the threats and vitriol directed at Trump are somehow “worse” than what was directed at President Obama…while at the same time neglecting how much divisiveness and hate Trump actually originates and fuels on almost a daily basis…


Don’t forget foreign born Muslim antichrist sent by the devil to destroy America from within!


Nailed it (as usual). We’ve never seen this level of nastiness, divisiveness, and personal attacks out of the office of the presidency, but the Trumpkins act like he’s the innocent victim of out-of-bounds attacks by his critics?

Trump’s crazed and nasty nonsense is minimized by explaining him as a humble “pot stirrer” while “the Dems” are the ones whose rhetoric is unacceptable. Laugh out loud worthy.

To be clear, I don’t like the rhetoric either way - the Left has gone too far, routinely. But pretending Trump is a statesman just trying to do his job while being unfairly assailed by “the Dems” is horseshit.

Also - who knew? Turns out the Trumpkins are precisely the snowflakes they deride on the Left - they can give, but can’t take, and start throwing tantrums as soon as their brittle worldviews are challenged.

Poor dears.


That’s completely different! Because Dems, man - Demz.


Does the media handle the sides and their rhetoric differently, though? Also, all this get in their faces stuff from Senators, even.


Priggish ideologues here demonstrate my point for me.

Merely following orders from Waters, Pelosi et al to ‘Get in our face’ and Wapo/CNN pleading to please bring down bad cheeto man.


Excuse me?

I’ve been challenging someone, anyone, to make the case for why anyone, anywhere should vote for the Dem’s for the last few days. Apparently the best you’ve got is what you’ve given here. Insults and “whataboutisms”. Neither of which resemble a coherent policy argument or even a coherent argument for what the principles of the Democratic party are today. Well, besides being the party of no coherent policy arguments and smearing their opponents as racists, Nazis or, as you have, simpletons who cannot remember back more than two years. Apparently some people find that compelling.

I’ve answered every question anyone’s asked of me in as straightforward of a manner as I’m capable of, while the best you’ve done is play a little game of “whataboutism”. Like this…

I wasn’t making the case that nobody, nowhere did or said horrible things about Obama. So Wikipedia can show us that a bunch of people who are not national figures like celebrities, media personalities or members of Congress went off the rails. And Ted Nugent. Big points to you there.

Here’s a sitting member of Congress.

Here’s the last Democrat Presidential Candidate

And again, since this is the Supreme Court thread, lets us not forget the indefensible behavior of Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearings.

This guys sums it up well, but of course he’s from FOX news so we should not believe what we see on the video playing in front of our eyes. We should trust people who say that Republicans are just the worst, but can’t seem to be able to explain what makes the Democrats so great.

You guys can go ahead and keep on with your insults and name-calling. I’m done in this thread. For real now.


Don’t forget let’s laugh at a celebrity guest on our MSNBC show joking about the military going to the white house to get the President.


What tantrums are you referring to?

Girl throwing her drink on college GOP?
Judiciary walking out of confirmation?
Students needing safe spaces after 2016 elections?
Jane Fonda not being able to breathe?
MSM writing 90%+ negative regarding GOP and/or Trump?
Comedian holding severed head?
Holder, Clinton, Waters advocating violence against non Liberals?
Students stopping conservative speakers?
Antifa and other anarchists physically attacking people and destroying property?
Protestors beating on Supreme Court, climbing on statue, attacking on elevators?

Oh wait, those were all supporters and members of the chaos party.


I didn’t respond because you bowed out, but that’s an easy answer - vote for divided government. In the WH we have someone who’s never read the Constitution and knows nothing about it, has virtually no interest or curiosity in public policy, is only interested in winning the news cycle, and appears to be interested in leveraging his public office for maximum private gain. Doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, you should be an opponent of dangerous incompetence and corruption. We’re inviting aggression abroad and chaos at home.

A Democratic Congress would check this, and we need a check against this more than any time in the nation’s history. This gets worse before it gets better, and even if the Dems are not offering great policy alternatives or leadership, they can provide an institutional check on a Trump administration.

Vote the Democratic ticket.


Orange Man Bad.

Got it.


Taking my ball and going home here on PWI because people won’t validate my support for Trump?

Who here said the Left wasn’t doing that stuff? I didn’t. A said a pox on both their houses. But enough with “Trump as victim” card.


Pretty much


And what kind of media does agitating Trump get from the media as a whole? How about Booker, Clinton, Waters?


Bad. I can’t watch CNN (and I never watched MSNBC). But - what should a free press do when the most powerful man deems them the Enemy of the People?


Take it personal and do everything you can to act like it?

John Stewart seems to get this.

“They are personally wounded and offended by this man. He baits them. And they dive in. And what he’s done well, I thought, is appeal to their own narcissism, to their own ego. Because what he says is these are the – and the journalists stand up and say, ‘We are noble. We are honorable. How dare you, sir?’ And they take it personally and now he has changed the conversation to not that his policies are silly or not working or any of those other things, it’s all about the fight. He is able to tune out everything else and get people just focused on the fight. And he’s going to win that fight.”



President Obama recently asked a rhetorical question:


"Why are so many people angry and defensive…when they are winning?"

The White House; Congress; the Supreme Court; Governorships; State Houses; Mayor ships (Do they keep party tallies of City Councils?)…Trump can even boast the economy…

(Where are the snowflakes again?)