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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


That sounds sooooooo familiar. Its like a song that I’ve heard a slightly different version of just a couple of years ago.

What were those words? “Solyndra, solyndra…” and something about wind turbines?


…and the Right was going Ape-Shit about picking “winners” and “losers”…and "Let the market figure it out!




Of course. Its only dirty pool when its the other guys shot.


Fair enough…!


Geez Louise.

Pay people to have babies, more babies are born. Economics 101, High School level.

No, I don’t have answers. But the blinders around here. JFC


Here’s my problem.

When I think prominent pro (verypro) affirmative action, names that come to mind are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton.

“Conservative”, non-affirmative action names are Ben Carson, Ward Connerly, @twojarslave brought up Thomas Sowell. (anyone know if Clarence Thomas is pro AA or not?)

Tell me what’s wrong with my picture.


Reportedly not a fan.


I’m guessing my last post got reported for sarcastically referring to a person I respect as a term that Democrats often use for black people who decide that the Democrats are no longer their party.

That or the KKK flag he used on the preview of his video. I’m guessing one of the two.

Now that I’ve finally had my first ever post removal, I’ll just link to the guy’s youtube channel, lest anyone be offended by images of historical accuracy. He makes a lot of the same arguments I’ve been making here using a better choice of words than I do, plus he’s obviously a big fan of Thomas Sowell.


If the word begins with a c and rhymes with loon then calling it a word Democrats often use is false. Some who may be Democrats might use it but I doubt you’ll hear many white Democrats say it.


Nope, it wasn’t that word. The term I used began with your Aunt’s husband and ended with a word that rhymes with Crom, who laughs at you from his mountain. You can also find the term in the title of a famous novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe.


I don’t think many whites are brave, or stupid, enough to use that term in public.


Which term, the one I used or the one you thought I used?

The one you referred to I’ve heard white redneck racists in my home state use. I didn’t know a lot of them growing up, but they were around. I grew up in Klan country, such as it existed in the 80’s and 90’s anyway. A dozen or so old fat guys would get to have their pajama parade once per year and then go back to whatever cornfields they crawled out of. It was a term I was certainly familiar with.

The term I was speaking of is a very common and very unfortunate label that is regrettably part of the modern mainstream national discussion on race. Salon even suggests that the title is too good for the likes of Ben Carson. I find this rabid intolerance of non-Democrat black people to be indicative of the Democrats’ continued tradition of racism, but that’s just my opinion.


Those are black people using the term. I’m not going to be the white guy who thinks he should tell black people what they can and can’t say.


That’s because it is a black-on-black insult, and the only time I’ve heard it used in my lifetime is to smear black people who are not Democrats. White Democrats don’t seem to mind one bit or, as you suggest, they don’t believe they can denounce the rhetoric because of their skin color.

This is not surprising from a group who seems terrified of being called racists, while inventing new definitions for the term and throwing it around casually towards anyone who disagrees with them.

Who said anything about that? I’m not for hate speech laws of any kind, but that doesn’t mean I have to think it is good rhetoric.


So it’s not a Democrat term but a black on black term. And it’s not about Democrats or Republicans, it’s about a black person perceived as siding with those who are not friendly toward blacks in order to further his personal interests.

I may not like it either but whites have controlled blacks for centuries on this continent so I am not going to meddle in their infighting.


No I’d still call it a Democrat term. That’s the party that uses it to smear their opponents and that’s the party that (presumably) benefits from it.

If you know of any non-Democrats using it, I’m all ears.


Is it black people who happen to be democrats or the Democratic Party?

Given that the novel was published over 150 years ago I wouldn’t know of all the people who have used it. I’m sure it was used against blacks at a time when they couldn’t even vote, let alone be part of any political party. Given that the Republican party is the party of Lincoln, maybe Stowe was a Republican. Lincoln was supposedly a fan.


What in the hell are you arguing here? That the term is somehow unconnected to the Democrats? It’s like you’re looking for all of these trivial technicalities to debate that completely overlook the substance of the argument instead of owning the fact that character assassination of black people who aren’t Democrats is a staple tactic of the left, including the broader Democratic party.

No, I’m not saying I know of white Democrats use the term “Uncle Tom”, if that’s what you’re after. No white Democrat has the balls to say it, so they they will just let black Democrats do the character assassination for them, lest they get called racist and eaten by their own. That’s a perfectly rational strategy for a white Democrat more interested in holding on to power than actually improving outcomes.

Name me one non-Democrat who has used the term in the last 30 years. There are plenty of black Republicans and conservatives and I challenge you to name one who has called any black Democrat an Uncle Tom or a similar slur suggesting a race-traitor.


It’s connected by way of Democrats using it more than Republicans. I can give you a slew of fun words my family uses in casual conversation that the vast majority of both sides wouldn’t touch, let alone Democrats.

Doesn’t the nature of the insult require opposition to the majority opinion?

Is it logically possible for a black republican to use the term and it actually make sense?


More than? I’d say that term and that tactic is exclusive to the left. Can you name a Republican who has used the term in living memory?

Well that’s a loaded question if there ever was one. This boils down to the Assumption of Good Faith, which is something the modern left has largely abandoned. Hence the ridiculous name-calling you see that ranges from Nazi to racist to Uncle Tom towards anyone who diverges from the approved narrative of the hour.

And since this is the Supreme Court thread, let’s not forget the Democrat’s finest hour when they accused a man with an impeccable record of public service of being a gang rapist and an evil person.

I think it is reasonable to assume that black conservatives hold the views that they do because they believe it will produce the best outcomes and they don’t believe in race-based identity politics. I think a lot of people are waking up to the Democrat policy platform that has a centuries-old tradition of dividing people along racial lines and promoting fairy-tale promises that never materialize but conveniently keep Democrats in power. I think that belief in conservative principles of free markets, limited government and individual rights is pretty common among conservatives and even most Republicans. It has been the bedrock of the party since its inception, if we can somehow manage to forgive Lincoln for his executive overreaches, that is.

I can’t say what black conservatives are thinking in their heart of hearts when they ponder the reasons why black people vote Democrat in such large numbers despite the lack of good outcomes. Whatever they are thinking, there is one thing they aren’t doing, which is labeling people who they disagree with as race traitors or Uncle Toms.

That’s strictly a tactic of the left.