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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


I wasn’t championing the argument. I’m not required to lock n step agree with all past Dem actions just because I voted for Obama.

Which is why I intentionally didn’t respond to it.

Lol then google is your friend, but color me skeptical.

Off the top of my head?

  • if you’re pro choice
  • if you’re pro MJ
  • if you’re pro gay marriage
  • if you’re fiscally conservative (ironic at this point)
  • if Trump blowing Putin on global TV scares the shit out of you
  • if you want less war
  • if you want to support entitlements
  • in favor of single payer / socialized anything
  • if you recognize the vast majority of all government levels have been dominated by republicans for decades and you assign X blame to that
  • wealth redistribution (kinda same as socialized but I’m thinking more pay here)

It’s a stupidly easy question to answer, you just disagree with them

That matters about as much as which Dems owned slaves lol


Okay the first three make sense and obviously expanding socialist policies does too. I understand orange man bad. I can definitely understand the allure of supporting socialist policies since they used to sound really good to me too.

Back to outcomes or success stories. Can you name your top 3 Democratic success stories of the last 50 years?


Legalization of gay marriage, legalization (in progress) of MJ which will both put a massive dent in our RX dependency AND drug trade, first minority POTUS

Edit: I understand I only went back 10-15. Going back further is useless to me


Got it. See, that wasn’t so hard.

I don’t find those compelling enough to overlook the policy failures I listed above and the worldwide pattern of socialist failure, but I think we can agree to disagree on that.


My wife and I went to watch Hocus Pocus this weekend - they re-released them in AMC theaters and it’s one of her favorite movies. It was refreshing how non-political it was. It was such a fun movie to watch. When the studios and actors inject their (shitty) identity politics into everything it takes away so much (to me) from the story I start to really deconstruct everything about the movie and the (improbable and uncharacteristic) choices the characters make … It’s probably one of the reasons I always go watch The Man With No Name trilogy or John Carpenter flicks that feature Kurt Russel…


It really is nice to be entertained, isn’t it?

I also think modern Ds severely underestimate how distasteful people find it when politics permeates so much of our life and culture. Movies, TV, music and sports are all platforms for Democrat politics now. Just what everyone wanted!

I know, let’s elect a loudmouth who will troll them left and right for the next 8 years! That should fix the problem!


Haha to be fair, it was the first time you’ve ever asked me. Ofc it wasn’t that hard

Yeah I know. I feel the same way about the GOPs spending habits


How society managed before, I’ll never understand.


He asked for 3 success stories. Feel free to throw out how the GOP lost the abortion battle and managed to outspend the Democrats in response :wink:


I’m not GoP. I’m a pro-life traditionalist conservative .


Duely noted! You’re not GOP, just your vote :wink:


For sure … one of the reasons I dread when my wife wants to go see any new movie ever. I’m super reluctant and I used to be a movie guy. It’s become so blatant my wife has started making comments about it and she’s pretty apolitical.

Pretty much.


That’s not true, either. I actually didn’t vote for their nominee. In fact, I was one of the most vocal against the GoP nominee, Trump…


I mentioned in a post the other day that some members do occasionally contact the Admins to have their profiles removed, often for privacy concerns or personal issues. Sometimes it’s hindsight about oversharing real world details (opinions, location, pics, etc.) that can connect their account to their offline life by searching keywords, Reverse Image search, or other methods.


Civil Rights, peace between Egypt and Israel, no more don’t ask don’t tell.


What’s hilarious is people forget many of the best helping govt programs had a ton of Dem support, as well as Republican. Both sides act like they get exclusive rights on all kinds of shit.

Then you have people willing to go back 50+ years to describe a current day political party, despite the current reality being polar opposite.


Like GOP being the rich man party, while Dems stand for the working guy?
Yes, l believe you are correct.


The GOP just passed a tax bill aimed extremely heavily at the upper echelon. How is this even a question

The party pushing increased wages and wealth distribution? You can disagree with the methods, I quite often times do, but it’s pretty targetted these days


I can only assume you’re referring to my position that Democrat policies have had a consistent track record of delivering terrible outcomes for black people in America that goes all the way back the birth of their party on a pro-slavery platform. I think it is reasonable to assert that policies like the Great Society need a lot of time, decades even, to play out and measure the results. Feel free to make the case that the War on Poverty been successful in its stated goals circa 1964.

If my assumption is incorrect and you were referring to some other poster, please say so. If not, what policies of the Republican party do you believe have contributed to the disastrous outcomes we have in so many black communities today?

Keep in mind I’m not making the assertion that most Democrats are racist today. I’m just arguing that they are members of a party that has consistently supported policies that produce terrible outcomes for black people. All the while making empty promises to its constituents that produce very few good outcomes but conveniently keep Democrats in power.

We can start with slavery and end today - right now in America - with 72 percent of black children being born to single mothers and a completely unacceptable number of people living in Democrat strongholds with poverty-stricken, violence-ridden neighborhoods facing very bleak odds of living a happy, successful and productive life. This is up from 20% of black children being born to single mothers in 1960. Are you prepared to argue that this is a good thing? Are you prepared to argue that this is not a direct result of Democrat policy? If so, I’m all ears.

I don’t particularly like those outcomes, but there’s a reason you don’t hear about the names of all the black people murdered on any given day in Chicago. It is not considered news-worthy. There’s a reason everyone knows David Hogg’s name but cannot name any of the dozens killed in Chicago over the last few weeks.

That’s just one demographic too, albeit one the Democrats profess to stand up for.

So I ask you @pfury.

Where are the results I should look to and keep under consideration when deciding whether to vote D, R or something else?

And again, in case you missed it, what policies of the Republican party do you believe have contributed to the disastrous outcomes we have in so many black communities today?


The war on drugs becoming almost solely law enforcement based. It used to be about treatment as much as a criminal issue. And let’s not forget Reagan looking the other way as drug dealers brought crack into the inner cities.