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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


Cripes. A lot of you need to look at what your loud-mouthed, philandering New York braggart who used to be a Democrat is doing to your country, then get back to me with your complaints about Star Wars and SNL.


To be fair, I’m a little more concerned with the democrats patterns of abject policy failures that have been playing out over the last few decades domestically than I am with their cultural poison.

Of equal concern is how the policies they are fighting for here are playing out in other countries.

Of somewhat less concern is the centuries-old democratic tradition of racism that lives on today, which is deeply intertwined with the bedrock party principle of promising voters that they will deliver the fruits of other people’s labor if they are given power.

But yes, Orange Man Bad. Not my first choice at all.


I read this as a critique on Reagan’s “Star Wars” nuclear deterrence, and was very confused for the next several sentences…


What would you say are their top 3 ‘abject policy failures of the last few decades’?

Bait not taken.


Actually, this is a weird legacy of Soviet communism. When the USSR infiltrated left wing student protests in Western Europe in 1968, they put a huge emphasis on teaching leftist student leaders to focus on ideological purity - the general idea was that radicalized students will destroy, or at least inflict damage on the Western liberal order with their uncompromising ideological positions.

Intentionally or not, this emphasis on navel-gazing has survived on the left fringes or every major socialist party in Europe, usually by simply rebranding concepts that were tainted by association with the USSR - party self-critique, popular will, even “wokeness” has it’s totalitarian predecessor, called “verbal offense” in communism.

In the last decade or so these fringe positions have moved to the mainstream of major political parties (Corbyn and Labour in the UK, Socialists in France) and by virtue of transatlantic alliance of “progressive” forces with the left wing of the Democratic Party in the US.

The concept is simple - ideology first, everything else a distant second, including the economy. The belief is that once ideological questions are successfully addressed, economy will follow by virtue of pure ideology creating a somehow better society. In other words, the unemployment rate will drop because of gender neutral bathrooms. And for that, they need to spend as much time as possible purifying their ranks of waverers and public dick swinging competitions who’s more ideologically pure (woke in this case) focusing on absurd minutiae.

The application of this concept has proved disastrous for socialist/left parties everywhere, provoking a rightwing populist backlash for the simple reason that it was conceived back in the day not as an election winning strategy, but as a tool to build a core of radicals who could serve as shock troops in literal street fights.

  1. The War on Poverty and Great Society. None of the goals have been met. More people are on more forms of assistance than ever before. Poverty rates have increased in the last 50 years. If the programs were successful there would be fewer people who needed them, not more. The argument that these programs alleviate poverty only ring true if we pretend that the programs themselves have no hand in why people are in poverty in the first place.
  1. Cultural shifts advanced by feminists coupled with social safety nets resulting in dramatic increases in single-mother homes across all demographics, but in black famillies moreso than anyone else. This is a disaster.
  1. The Democrats have been in complete control of Chicago for generations, achieving junk bond status, a pension crisis that boggles the mind and a successful hollowing out of the economy. Parts of the city are a war zone. The clearance rates for murders is 14.7 percent, and of the ones that are solved a huge percentage are committed by individuals who are repeat violent offenders who liberal activists have campaigned to have sentences reduced. While democrats continue to say whatever they can to hold on to power, productive citizens are fleeing the city. They’re probably all racists, of course, so good riddance to those obstacles to social progress. And that’s just one bastion of democratic policy. It would be criminal if it wasn’t voted for.

You can take it or leave it. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that the man whose voice is recorded below had good outcomes for black people in mind with his so-called Great Society.

What do you think the Democrats have done to improve outcomes in the black community?


That’s ‘the last few decades’??!!

Those are ‘Democratic policies’??!!

So, you’re tarring the entire D brand because of Chicago politics??!!

You one to hold a grudge? Cuz he’s been dead a long time.


When they campaign on delivering more of what’s not working, yes.

The social programs that make single motherhood a viable and attractive option most certainly are. The feminists are just democrats who happened to be very loud and, at least for the last 50 years or so, very wrong.

Absolutely. We can see other examples where these policies have been given a chance to play out over time and the results are grim across the globe.

Helluva legacy though, wouldn’t you agree?


Along this vein I was Sooooo looking forward to 4 years of comedy gold, but so far got nothing.

Show after show of not even jokes just some doofus in a suit saying “Trump is mean. Trump is an idiot.” And the audience laughs in agreement.

It fucking sucks. Its by far the biggest disappointment of this presidency so far and its brought to us by who? The left.


Anyone know if Powerpuff has removed herself from the Forum?

(I wanted to post something on this topic that I wanted her to weigh in on…)


@Chris_Colucci…is Powerpuff gone? (If you are able to share that…)


I can see we’re going to have very little common ground on which to base a discussion, so I’ll just say thanks (sincerely) and bow out.


That’s unfortunate. I answered all of the questions you asked me in a straightforward manner. I was hoping you’d do the same to my question. I was hoping to hear about the many success stories of Democratic policies producing good outcomes for the black community they profess to champion, but that seems to be more trouble than it’s worth to you.

I suppose I’ll need to look a little harder to understand what the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, urban decay, open borders, expanding welfare programs and race-based identity politics has achieved to improve the lives of its constituents.


Given the polite nature of my last comment, I’d say this response of yours qualifies as unfortunate as well.


I wasn’t being impolite. I was being sincere. I answered your questions in good faith and you completely ducked mine. I really do not understand why this party deserves my vote. Or anyone’s. If we apply the same standard progressives do to, let’s say, Confederate statues, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the Democratic party deserves to be torn down as well?

I just don’t get it. Not one bit.


That seems to be the case.

Hopefully a new female poster with outspoken and very well-articulated conservative views emerges, but refrains from posting any sort of personal identifying information.


You mean statues that exist solely to commemorate a group of people who were willing to send the local young men to die so the elite class could continue to own other humans meets the same criteria as an evolving political party that in the past wasn’t the sole party of slavery, Jim Crow, Urban decay, etcetc?


Yes, Those are the statues I’m talking about.

How many Republicans owned slaves? Can you name any? How many Republicans voted for Jim Crow laws and Black Codes? Can you name any of them?

Can you give a meaningful answer to the question I asked ED?

I’d like to understand the thought process here.


Pre Lincoln? Probably a good bit of them, as with most members of the elite class.

Not really, but I don’t care to know which ones owned slaves. Seems like a useless stat.

Imo if you have to go back that far to find something to label on a party, it’s obviously done as a target.

Not really. I don’t think Dems are the champions of minorities, I just think voting Dem is where people go when they don’t want to vote the same way as current day racists against said minorities.

All due respect, but I don’t believe that for a second. Hopefully neither do you. You’ve (on plenty of occasions) gone on to explain how you personally interact with an above average amount of extreme lefties. You’re basically the mirror of me with my family and my Retardlicans.

You’ve also been very outspoken in blaming the left for the emergence of ID politics, despite is clearly being a very bipartisan issue. I can’t imagine you want anything other than to continue shitting on what you perceive to be how lefties operate.


Interesting that you have no specific examples, and Jim Crow is living memory, not ancient.

You can believe me or not. Let’s call it satisfying my intellectual curiosity if nothing else.

Why should anyone, anywhere vote for a Democrat today? What have they done to improved outcomes?

I would think this would be an easy question to answer.

I’m an independent btw. I’ve registered as a D almost 20 years ago, but never an R.