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The Supreme Court Fight is On. The Divide Worsens


That and I think he can pander even more to his base after re-election. He doesn’t need folks towards the middle after a re-election.


Depending on where you sit…that can be a very scary thought…


I think the GOP maintaining the Senate is, almost, guaranteed this cycle.


Another thing (I just saw it briefly)…

I think Trump and Congress have filled something like 15 more Federal Court Vacancies.

The “wins” keep piling up for the GOP/Conservatives.


McConnell has made transformation of the American judiciary HIS legacy. Expect more of it if he retains the leadership.

Also, a bill is on the floor of the congress regarding immigration. Ryan may be moving this cycle to a referendum on this issue. It has 0 downsides for him, if they retain the house, then that has been a historic result, if they lose it, no biggie, they don’t have to deliver.

All shaking up to be very interesting.


I tell you guys…McConnell may LOOK like Jar-Jar Binks…but this guy is good…

He is on record as saying that after the Mid-Terms, the Republicans are going to fight hard to get Trump his Wall funding.

I take things Trump says with a grain of Salt…

McConnell? You best listen carefully to the guy when he speaks…


Anyone who thinks that the majority or minority leadership aren’t polished Machiavellian actors is kidding themselves. I think McConnell, Ryan, Schumer and Pelosi are all far cleverer than credited. Or, if not smart, politically savvy.


No question.

Love 'em or Hate 'em…they are good at what they do.


Electing a New Yorker shows that.


To be fair, throwing welfare at farmers doesn’t seem to be such a bad move.


They did reject a Chicagoan, to be fair.


A winning strategy, regardless of demographic.


I didn’t see her having to defend fart jokes in a freshman yearbook or being accused of 10-12 drugging gang rapes by some nut with a porno lawyer (with no evidence and no corroboration) in easily one of the lowest points of the Senate history.

That said, Kavenaugh actually authored an article stating his intent to not bring politics into his Court decisions, notwithstanding the partisan witch hunt he endured.


And you think he should get some sort of kudos for this?


Well yeah. It was basically a pinkie promise. That’s some serious shit.

As opposed to all of the other pols who told everyone ‘i plan to be partisan as hell, vote fa me’


If he does this, @Jewbacca…(and I’m not saying he won’t)…he has greater character than a large number of people.

It goes back to an age-old question…

Will this “partisan Witch Hunt” he went through ultimately push him to be partisan himself…or did it merely reveal something that was already there?

I think that after the shameful display put on by the DEMS, it’s going to be hard to know for sure.


Sorry, but I don’t believe in giving people kudos for meeting the absolute minimum requirement of their job. Bar’s a little higher than that for me.



This is how Trump gets reelected.

  1. Trump gets reelected because he is a slick, vitriolic con-man and demagogue, and

  2. “The other Side” can’t seem to get out of it’s own way with the things it does; almost assuring the continued GOP control of Congress and Trump’s reelection.


Don’t forget Star Wars. Leftists ruined Star Wars. Politicizing all aspects of life is how you end up with Lando being portrayed a pansexual who is into woke feminist robots. Not to mention a box-office bomb that nobody wanted to watch. Their toxic politics took an American treasure and - against all odds - somehow got rabid Star Wars fans to not want to watch a Star Wars movie. Thank goodness they cancelled the Boba Fett movie. I can only guess that we were going to learn that Boba Fett was actually a black lesbian space communist, but now we’ll never get to know.

At this point a lot of us are convinced that leftists can find a way to ruin everything they touch. Like Star Wars. Or Chicago. Hell even the Simpsons is ditching Apu now. Saturday Night Live is just Democrat propaganda with shitty jokes. Their toxic politics even fucked that up. Dana Carvey did a perfectly fine job skewering George Bush and even my conservative parents thought it was funny, but now it is just more democrat talking points barely shrouded by jokes that aren’t clever or funny.

What’s next? Will they somehow manage to turn the gem of the west coast into a feces and needle-ridden dump that makes a lot of the third world look nice by comparison. Oh wait…

They even - against all odds - made voting for a loud-mouthed, philandering New York braggart who used to be a Democrat into a no-brainer.

And it looks like everyone’s doubling-down. May we live in interesting times.