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The Supplements That Work

I have been taking a sports nutrition class and have learned quite a bit about our supplements. It seems to me that there are only four supplements that really do any good. Creatine (used properly), Macro replacement i.e. whey protein or carb supp, Fish Oil capsules to help the heart, and recovery drinks like Surge to get adequate protein and carbs post workout easily.

Apparently, nobody needs amino acids if they already have a great diet. Is this true? I am backed with some scientific evidence so if all you have is personal experience then i will be hesistant to agree.

I need to make an amendment, This article refers to people who are not in danger or already deficient in certain nutrients. This is for the average Joe bulking or cutting and being safe. This also refers to what really happens on supps, not what the supps claim. If I am wrong on these please point it out.

My friend read this link and then post back what you think about the info contained. My opinion, not needed, but oh so effective if looking to recover better and build muscle.