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The Supplement Scare


I was a little skeptical starting to take protein from the start, but I fell in love with it the first time I took it. My soreness basically disappeared the next day and I found my new partner in crime.

My question is though is a supplement like creatine negative in a way that I shouldnt take it? I dont want to mess with my body in a way that it will become dependent on what im giving it. Are there any other supplements I SHOULD try, or not try? Id just like your facts on the subject. I can see the benefits of creatine...but Im no scientist or specialist.

Please post back if you know where im coming from :slight_smile:

  • Mr. Supplement Scurred


First off, protein is a macronutrient, not a supplement. I assume you mean a powder supp, like whey or casein, and yes they're great. And creatine has no side effects, except added muscle mass and strength. :slight_smile:


You will want to be sure to consume PLNTY of water to reamin hydrated.

Also creatine has recent studies showing not only the physique enhancement but now also increased cognitive function. Its a great supp. IMO


creatine is also found in meats, mainly steaks, though they are only in trace amounts. But too much of anything isn't good, variety is key.



I have cycled C-Monohydrate for the past 5 years with my sport specific and weight training. If used wisely it can do wonders for you.
Truly is wonderful shit.


like he said,you have to consume a crap load of water because what it does is make your muscles suck all the water into them


You shouldn't need to consume substantially greater amounts of water unless you aren't getting enough in the first place.


There's no reason to be afraid of creatine. It's probably the most researched sports supplement ever and there's no evidence of any negative effects to one's health while using it.

T-Nation has posted some good articles on creatine. Look them up if you want more detailed info.


yea too much water isnt great for you but most people dont know the right amount to drink.

average person has to divide their weight by 4 and thats how many ounces,i tend to add like 20-30 more ounces cause i sweat a lot