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The Super Bowl Is No Bueno

Sucks this year. Even the ads suck.

So far the only thing I’ve liked is is Bud add that “it’s not about the beer” when you ask someone for a beer.

Jerk off Springsteen’s call to the middle tho

I was vacillating between a Jeep and the new Bronco.

Bronco it is.

Hey look: advertising works!


I am going to create a living will that permits anyone to kill me if I drink a Michelobe hard organic seltzer voluntarily.


Taunting is a foul. Too woke.

I got your back buddy.

Haven’t drank in like 18+ years, but don’t need to to know that’s just wrong.

I expect the same in return though too. :joy:

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So far the only thing I’ve gotten out of this is Steven Colbert likes to kick cream off balls.

What a crappy game. So low energy and lack of any excitement at all.

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