The Super-Accumulation Program

5 days.
5 days of torture, 5 days of balls to the wall training!

I have been lurking in this marvelous website for more than 2 years now. I have trained for about 4 years, the first 2 don’t count because they where done so sloppy. To give an idea of the sloppiness I was following training protocols which I obtained from a book written by Joe Weider.

The next year was done rather nicely, because I discovered the marvelous world of T-Nation. Yet, in actuality I feel that I have been training hard and smart for about a year (even tough I have lifted weights for about 4 years). It took me about a year to absorb valuable information gathered here in T-Nation pertaining to nutrition and training, and apply it to my own training. Thus I feel that I am not a newbie and do not consider by any means to be advance.

We all have our reasons on why we want to gain muscle, loose fat, and or gain strength. Personally I love lifting and like looking attractive. But, now I have another good reason to gain both strength and mass. I am 5"8’ 165lbs I am rather scrawny!

As a former fat boy I have been frighten on gaining weight because I know most of it will go to my gut. Yet, I really don’t give a rat’s ass anymore on gaining fat. I have applied to be a Correctional Officer and have gone through a long selection process, and if I pass my last examination will start working late July.

I can not work with massive inmates at 5"8’ and 165lbs I will be thrown around like a rag doll. So I have decided to go through a mass building phase. To my surprise Poliquin posts up a article that grabs me by the balls. “fuck it” I say, “who gives a rat’s ass if I am going to want to shoot myself, who cares if my body will ache all over, I am going to follow this plan”.

Bad decision, by far this is the hardest plan I have ever followed. Fuck lifting 10 sets of dead lifts at a 5010 tempo while my back so sore that I don’t even want to lift a pencil from the floor has brought a new definition of training. Its been 5 days and I already want to quit and throw in the towel, but I am not.

I am so sore that I can’t fall sleep, I am even having mood swings, I feel sad then angry then sad again, I guess its just the T levels going down. Well anyways enough about me! I want to quit, but I know if I post it up I would be too embarrassed to do it. So here I am posting it so that I will go through the remaining week of this torture. Any support, advice, even critiques will be highly appreciated.

Go for it man i just finished day 11 of polquins program, only 2 days of torture left!

You must stay the course, it’s to late to quit. Are you using supps? Hope so! Get something to boost those T levels. That’s probably the only thing I disagreed with in his article. I can think of a single second of a single day where I want my T levels low. I want the max all the time. But of course, who am I to argue with the mighty Poloquin.
Don’t quit or I’ll call you a pussy to your face.

I am using all that he recommends for the exeption of the BCAA I am using a bit less. I don’t have that kind of money! I am also thinking of taking some T boosters but like you said I don’t want to mess with a proven program, so I will lay off for the mean time.

 Hell yeah If I quit I deserve to be called a pussy.  Honestly I think I am doing a great job I have been going balls out in all my sessions and I have the side effects to prove it.  I was feeling some tremors over my body, my head was hurting, and I was having a warm feeling all over my body all taken care off by using my lunch break to fall asleep in my car and eating a shit load in my desk. 

I also almost threw up in my morning workout. I think I am psychotic because Id rather like the feeling of wanting to puke due to an intense workout. I am certain I will puke a couple of times next week. My muscles look flat I think I am starting to loose weight (muscle weight), but that means I am doing it right.

Shit I can’t wait for my afternoon workout. I think If I push myself hard enough I will puke tonight jajajajajajajajajaj

[quote]DIPS33 wrote:
Go for it man i just finished day 11 of polquins program, only 2 days of torture left![/quote]

how you feeling right now? keep us updated with progress

right now im feeling like death, everthing is pissing me off now, ive lashed out at family and friends quite a bit but have to keep pushing myslef in the gym even though its really depressing watching yourself loose strength.

go to the thread ‘training till depressed results’ a lot of people are constanly updating their progress on polquins and similar programs.