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The Stupidest E-Mail Forward Ever


This is literally one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever read.


You do realize it's a hoax and Jay Leno never said any of this, right? This thing has been floating around for close to 10 years that I can recall.


I do realize that. I also realize that I've received this from family members probably 4 times in the last year, all with comments about how "right on" it is or some other nonsense. There are people out there that will read this and NOT say "holy shit, that is fucking retarded."

I'm just venting anyhow.


If we were to make a list of the 500 stupidest things we've ever heard in this forum or on this site, this wouldn't even come close to making the cut.


First time Ive ever seen it. I really dont get the whole meaning of it. I hate most forwards as it is but if I received that one from a family member, I just might have to write them back something sweet.


Yeahhhh, I'm going to agree with DB Coop on this one. This does not even come close as the dumbest shyt I've read on Page 1 of GAL today.

CAN someone tell me how the kid that made his own fitted T-shirt ended back up on page 1. I think the mods are having flash backs to 2010 today. There are 3 bumps from almost 2yrs ago poping up.

OH and nothing beats the illuminatti vs Christian crap I see floating around. My own sister posted a video of Jay-Z being dissed by Hammer talking about WE christians need to wake up. NOW that is the dumbest FWD I have ever recieved.


I'm sending this to everyone I know right now....just to be safe.


Don't make me send you that Hammer video


^^^ what is it?

Do I get a wish from sweet l'il baby Jesus if I send it to 10 people in 10 minutes or 2 wishes if I send it to 20 people in 5 minutes?!!?!?!?!




I usually reply back with a link to one of the above.




On many forums you can bump an old post by posting and then deleting your post.

Of all the older posts that could have made it to page 1 via a bug, it is way too coincidental for that infamous celtics thread to appear on page 1.. definitely the work of a troll.


I agree with the thought that playing outside (and learning that running through the mud at a metal swing set will hurt) is a good thing, and that kids are way too safe these days (I wasn't, I lost a tooth to that swing set), but saying junk food and poison (lead based paint) are good things is just ridiculous.


Luckily I rarely receive forwards. Chain mails died anyways with he rise of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, making it more efficient for people to spew their bullshit.


Woah, is this for real? I'm totally changing my future parenting style based on this.


I thought this was a rather witty satire on what people perceive as "healthy".

But then again my humor glands are in their non receptive post menopausal stage so I'm probably wrong...