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The Stupid Thread 2




This upstanding citizen, nah…


Oh yes. Despicable. I love my country more than I hate any one president or party.

It’s one thing if a lone moron decides to use his free speech rights do it, and of course I will ridicule that person too. But an entire university?? Fuck that.


Side note. I’ve always been conflicted about people’s views on desecrating the flag. My grandpa has a small American flag signed by some governor that he met.

I mean I’m not gonna tell my own grandpa he’s a dick for hanging up a signed flag, but I’m also definitely not doing that myself


I hear you. I think organizations should obviously stick with the proper display, but individuals for sure. If you want to fly something that has extra personal meaning to you (provided it’s not tattered or something), yeah.

To me the purpose of the law is given by the term, “desecration”–a blotched, deliberately screwed up flag easily meets the definition I think.


My problem with it is that it is propaganda disguised as art. It lacks subtlety and is too obvious, thus too easy.


You’re assuming these people think anyone’ll detect it. They think we don’t see it. And they think they’re smart … that’s the funny part…


I know this a joke, but lolz…



Are Starbucks cups recyclable? I think one of the big things with straws is they aren’t BPA free and can’t be recycled, so they become a permanent landfill/ocean resident

Edit: NVM the article says the lids are recyclable, I just can’t read apparently


Stuff being “Recyclable” pisses me off. The important question is, do you have any recycled paper or plastic in your cups, straws or lids? If the plastic is actually being re-used, then it isn’t going into a landfill or worse yet, the ocean.

But if the producers, like starbucks aren’t buying straws and lids made out of recycled plastic, they aren’t doing shit.


Seems that’s why they’re making the switch now. I think we’re going to see a lot more go that way as countries put laws on straws and big international guys won’t think it’s worth it to maintain 2 different types of supplies when they can just cash in on good PR


In a world full of real problems like genocide and an ever growing number of nuclear states, I’m glad that there is something stupid and ineffective that I can do to feel better about myself.

Thanks Starbucks! I may not be able to to solve the worlds problems, but at least I can feel good about myself while not doing it!


I hate the paper straws they are using now. Sipping coffee through soggy cardboard.


That’s true too. I’ve always thought recycling was a way to make consumers feel better about buying a bunch of shit that they don’t need that will likely end up in a landfill. “But I dropped it in the bin, so it’s ok!”


I don’t know about anywhere else, but I do know for a fact that my own community and all surrounding communities do not in fact recycle. We all have the bins, and the truck comes around once a week, but it all goes into the same pile at the landfill.


Only women sip coffee


What’s your point? I can’t be concerned about women’s issues? #metoo


The point is, only women sip coffee. Anything past that is your interpretation; of which I can not help. #iscreamyouscreamweallscreamforicecream


It’s incredibly misogynist to assume that women like sucking on something that feels like soggy cardboard.