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The Stupid Thread 2


Don’t be a bigot. You will not go to church. You will not go to Chick-fil-A. You will not have heterosexual relations. #pridemonth

Wait, whut?


Is he gay? If not what does he have to be proud of during Gay Pride Month? Note also how gays get a longer month than blacks.

At the same time, why do people post what they are eating? We’ve all seen food before.


stirring the pot … niiiiiice lol

Check your privilege, son


These people will never learn, lol. Do you want Trump for 4 more years because this is how you get Trump for 4 more years.


De Niro is a pathetic old man. Him triumphantly raising his hands above his head as if he did some brave, edgy thing confirms this. Young Vito Corleonoe never would’ve been so undignified, even when shooting someone in the face.


At the plant I work we have an American flag up with the POW flag under it. This month the POW flag was replaced with a rainbow flag… Put that one up if you want but FFS don’t take the POW one down to do so, can’t imagine how all the vets we have here feel about it.


If they agree with our POTUS, they’re probably happy about it. They’d probably like people who weren’t captured


Ehhh, think that was a pretty solid face palm moment for both sides.


I said seen, not eaten. But if you are a starving Ethiopian, why are you on Twitter?


Check your sight privilege, son.



If an African child is starving, but doesn’t post online, is he really starving?


Depends if he’s working on a new dank meme…he could be just thirsty…


For attention.




De Niro’s one of my favorite comedic actors.


Death by selfie


Oh the comments section:

Their relationship is on the rocks.
The call was dropped.



Man, brutal. Funny. but brutal lol


Not necessarily a stupid article nor a stupid study, just that we’re getting stupider


They could have simply asked my grandfather.