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The Stupid Thread 2


Gudas gooning Couturier at practice. I guess you have to practice those knee on knee drills so it works in games.


There is definitely something going on with her. I don’t think what he did, even if it were wrong, was a fireable offense. She probably has some personal agenda when it comes to that teacher.


Yeah, what happened to firing people? After the two men were arrested in StarBucks, they only said that the manager is no longer with the company. How about you fired that stupid motherfucker? Don’t give them the dignity of a resignation.


That would be my guess too. He seems like one hell of a guy all the way around. Some people hate that. A buddy of mine is a social studies teacher turned principal, and he used o catch endless shit from the mail it in types for making interactive displays and actually engaging students in the learning process.


Gluten is poison. Feeding those kids Gluten is fireable.




He was stupid for enforcing a policy he did not come up with but was his job to enforce? Or was he stupid for not considering all of the SJW race baiters’ reactions? He should have known that you can’t hold blacks to the same standards as whites. And this is another reason why Trump won: a white person loses his job because of identity politics and corporate cowardice.


Those kids are broke. They don’t get those good high end diseases.

They get some hoopty assed scabies, pin worms, ringworm and lice. Probably bed bugs too. But they aren’t allowed into the afluenza sphere long enough to get celiac & shit.

Thats a top shelf affliction.


Here you go with the arguments again.

What were they guilty of, loitering? How long were they there? What kind of disruption were they guilty of?

And it’s not SJW’s, it’s the mainstream media.


If you don’t know those answers, maybe you should have learned them before forming an opinion.

But ask yourself this: would any of us have known about this had they been white?


The answer to your second question is obvious.

In answer to your first, I actually read two articles, none of which were very specific about how long they were there. The articles were big on the outrage, and small on the facts. As is common these days.

To be oblivious to the fact that we live in the age of the rush to judgement, and not exercise a little discretion shows that the manager is a dumbass and deserved to be fired.

By the way, do you know how long they were there? You also formed an opinion, so maybe you did get the facts. I read two articles and that was two too many.


It never would have happened.


You mention the age of the rush to judgement after having done just that.

I don’t know how long they were there but that doesn’t matter. They were told the restroom was for customers. They didn’t buy anything after being told that. They refused to leave but still didn’t buy anything to show they were customers and not just loitering. They didn’t care the cops were coming. They told the cops they didn’t care about getting arrested. They were arrested.

Was this some sort of planned Rosa Parks publicity stunt? Are we supposed to adjust how we enforce rules and how we behave towards black people because they might be looking for attention? Do we have to live in fear of that dirtbag Al Sharpton showing up and doing his terrible MLK impression?


We never would have known or this doesn’t happen to white people?


Huh? You’re blasting me for not knowing a fact that you yourself don’t know? We both have opinions, but I’m wrong because I don’t know the thing that you don’t know.

I know I should do a mic drop and walk out on that note, but I’ll end with this. I used to be a site manager of an OTB, and had many people escorted out by the police. It’s always disruptive and makes the other customers uncomfortable. Common sense tells you that you need to have a damned good reason to resort to the police, or you look like a fool.

This may have been a setup. So don’t be an idiot and fall for it.


How does the length of time matter? Once they showed they were not going to be customers, whether it took 1 minute or 20, they were loitering.

Actually, I don’t have an opinion. I know the facts as they have been related and I didn’t call the manager or the non-customers anything derogatory. That was you. So sorry, no mic drop for you.


So, calling the cops on someone who’s been in the shop for exactly 1 minute without buying anything is reasonable? Yeah, I stand by my derogatory statements and subsequent mic drop. That’s stupid.


No, once that person makes it clear they are not going to buy something they are loitering and if asked to leave, and they refuse, they are trespassing. So hold onto that mic.


Both. If it were two white guys the cops most likely wouldn’t have been called. If they had been called and it all went down identically, it would be a non story. Nobody gets upset over two white guys getting arrested for anything (except maybe the two white guys).

I’ve done the exact same thing and there was never even a word spoken to me. At the Sbux near my house, people used to hang out, loiter, meet up, eat food from other places, etc. and never a word was spoken to anybody ever. Of course, its smack dab in the middle of middle/upper middle class suburbia.


But I think it’s a stretch to think that white people are never and have never been asked to leave a business if they weren’t planning on buying something. It’s a stretch to say that white people have never been told that a bathroom was for customers only.

Then again, we never get speeding tickets, arrested, beaten by cops or shot by cops.