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The Stupid Thread 2

It really is beautiful. During late April - early May you can ski and swim (or do some whitewater kayaking) on the same day. There are some excellent Michelin recommended restaurants in the area as well.

Did some biking there a few weeks back.

Well damn, there goes that thought.

Mountain or road in Slovenia and what’s up with the cycling there these days? All of the sudden they’re producing some of the best cyclists in the world.

I’m a MTB guy through and through but I have to acknowledge that they’ve got some beautiful scenic roads for road biking.

Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t produce a TdF winner sooner as they’ve got a very strong bike culture.

Drive on a country road in Slovenia at 7am and you’ll bound to run into scores of lycra clad people of all ages crouching over the handlebars of their road bikes.

“It’s a bit much”

It’s the Olympics - supposedly the pinnacle of all sports to separate the best from the elite. Of course there’s a lot of pressure. If you fold under it, you aren’t the elite…


The Olympics are NOT the pinnacle of tennis. By a long shot.

And Osaka had mental health crisis this year forcing her out of a couple majors.

Yeah, that’s why i said “supposedly” the pinnacle.

Still, the premise of the article is still dumb - “Athletes face pressure at the Olympics” - yeah, no crap.
I know it’s from Fox and therefore inherently bent, but I have been seeing narratives like this permeating many areas of life. It always follows the pattern of

  1. “Shit’s too hard and it’s affecting me”
  2. Get others to jump on this emotional bandwagon with me
  3. Lower the standards to produce more mediocre outcomes.
  4. If anyone has a dissenting opinion launch ad hominem attacks against them to shut them up.

@Californiagrown what I love about this forum is it tends to be less of the above and more discussions. As an example, I know you and I have disagreed on a number of things, but can still have reasonable discussions - this has been talked about a lot on this forum but is missing from everyday discourse, especially on the shit show that is most social media.

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Now Simone Biles. Again, alleged mental health issues.

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can you blame them? Chances are they have their childhoods stripped away from them…

I refuse to make fun of mental health issues as they can be truly debilitating. However, in this case, it comes off as cop out.
How hard is to own up and say “I didn’t perform my best and therefore got beat”. End of story.

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Saw 3 great examples tho.
Philippines weightlifter / team joy at winning gold.
US women swimmers that were defending champs bragging on their successors rather than whining in the 400 free and 100 breast

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Not at all the point of the thread, but some shit must have flown in my eyes when that girl won the 100m breast

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She was sexually molested, I believe.

For great athletes it is hard.

I don’t watch the Olympics but it’s the assumption that her competitors aren’t under the same pressure or don’t have similar mental health issues that irritates me. Think about the girls from China and perhaps from the Eastern Block who had their hormones fucked with even before puberty. We have grown men whining about tren making them start watching every episode of the Gilmore Girls in the roid forum. Imagine how fucked up the emotional states of these girls are.

You represent your country. You make a lot of money while doing so. Just apologize for your poor performance and move on or shut up. If anything, don’t embarrass the country you’re representing and don’t make it all about you. Even people whom are not into sports of any kind are cheering you on because you’re representing them on an international level. They will “forgive” you for not winning but they don’t want to hear this kind of shit when you lose.

A good loser will still make them proud that they were represented. A bad one will only disappoint them.

Everyone knows that the pressure is always higher when the level of competition is higher. This isn’t just limited to competitive events. Every musician I know who thought they were special realized they weren’t when they entered conservatories and had to work SEVERAL TIMES HARDER to keep up with the curriculum.

Shit, my friend applied for and went and sight read the fucking pieces for the Grade 8 ABRSM piano exams for shits and giggles once and got a distinction lol. He was the youngest person ever admitted into one of the most prestigious places in the world during his time of admission. He had to practice scales for 12 hours a day when he was there.

The easiest way to piss him off is to tell him he’s so lucky he was born with such talent after a recital since other musicians at his level are more than happy to rip his performance apart if he fucks up in their reviews and I’ve literally seen the absurd amount of time he spends practicing before it.


I have never done tren or anything thing like it, but Gilmore Girls is actually a good show (plus Lauren Graham is good looking and apparently doesn’t age).

That being said I agree with the rest of your post completely.

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I gotta admit I had a crush on Alexis Bledel.

Not bad either, no Anna Kendrick though (her and Ashley Greene were the only reasons I could stomach the Twilight series with SO). I have always liked slightly older women so Lorelei was definitely it for me.

Anyway, I think there’s other threads dedicated to that.

I really think they should take the Olympics back to Grecian Wrestling and discus throwing only.

How in the world is “speed walking” a freakin Olympic “sport”.

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Apologize to whom? To me? To America? She owes no one an apology. Her winning or losing means nothing to my life.

The media and nation did make it all about her.

An elected official represents me, not an athlete I never met.

She’s a young woman, barely. She is still a human being. She probably worked harder than 99.9% Of the people criticizing her. She failed in front of the world; most people fail, under less stressful conditions, in anonymity. Trying to judge her like a normal person is wrong as she is not normal.

I would love to believe this but the more I read about corporate influence the US the less trust I have in it.

I said “apologize and move on or shut up”. Athletes in Asia sometimes apologize if they lose although no one is expecting them to.

They made it about a representative of their country.

That’s what YOU think. I don’t even give 2 fucks because I don’t watch the Olympics.

I’m talking about the majority of people who watch the Olympics and see her as a representative of them in front of the rest of the world in a sporting event. Biden isn’t going up on a platform and doing a 200kg snatch any time soon.

No one is judging her for FAILING. People don’t want to see her WHINING about it.