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The Stupid Thread 2

I tend to stop listening to someone when he uses certain words and phrases, unpack is one of them.

But celebrating the names of felons, perverts and degenerates like George Floyd, Jacob Blake, etc., is ok.

I wonder how she feels about celebrating ancient Egypt since they had slavery. Or any African kingdom for that matter, except wakanda of course.

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I didn’t decide to start a new thread about this, this thread is the closest I could get to the best place.

I find this bloody awful.

Also, I am on the fence about reviving from 2015 my thread ‘Shame on Canada’, to do with the mistreatment of First Nations. There was a significant news event about the graves of residential school children.

Saw someone say that their dad recalled being at a residential school and that the older boys in the dorms would sleep closer to the doors so when the priests came in at night, the younger boys wouldn’t be chosen. (Not trying to be anti-Catholic.)

Some pretty rough stuff. Always heard them called boarding schools in the US (same thing, just noting) but the experiences sound pretty much the same. I have seen some accounts that the schools weren’t always that bad but that’s the minority. I don’t know what made them “good” or if they were just “not bad.”

Again, I don’t have another thread option to post this. Just a continuation of above:

A friend of mine was saying that she hopes that the media don’t try use some aspect of the suspect’s background as a sort of mitigation of his actions.

I saw a story on Usatoday.com indicating that most mass killers aren’t actually schizophrenic or something along those lines, but some of the recent news stories since then seem to fit that.

I’ve heard great things about the Roe V Wade movie but I didn’t watch it because I’ve mostly been watching Youtube videos breaking down new movies nowadays since the new ones mostly suck.

I think I’m going to watch it. Jon Voight’s in it. So’s Mahoney from Police Academy.

Wish me luck. I might just laugh myself into a coma. I came really close while watching The Trump Prophecy.

*This does not, in any way, reflect my views on abortion which I do not ever wish to discuss. Bad movies are bad movies regardless of subject matter. I’m drawn to them like flies are drawn to crap.

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TCU plan to drop ‘freshman,’ use ‘first-year student,’ draws mixed reactions: report
The term “freshman” wasn’t gender inclusive enough, university officials decided, according to a report

When classes start this fall at Texas Christian University, the school will no longer have freshman students, according to a report.

That’s because university officials have decided that the term “freshman” wasn’t gender inclusive enough, FOX 4 of Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

So going forward, any TCU student with 24 or fewer credit hours will be known as a “first-year student,” the report said.

“Really, we can’t even be called freshmen anymore,” student Mackenzie Carey told the station. “I mean, I know people are offended by literally everything nowadays, but that one’s pushing it, in my book.”

*“Just by speaking more inclusively, we are able to behave more inclusively as well.” *

— TCU junior Matt Gill
The new term “first-year student” will also refer to transferees, military veterans and others who aren’t arriving on campus straight from high school, he added.

You could use freshman or freshwomen or maybe just student. I know this is a major worry for the country. Not

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What’s next? Human?

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Yesterday I was informed on the firing range that my agency would be sending me to a version of this type of crap in the future. My range partner was a first generation from Panama. His skin is brown enough that he doesn’t have to attend, according to the suit delivering the news. Maybe I should file a lawsuit . Oh, wait I am white, no chance to win there.

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I could run a training session like that and it would take less than five minutes. All I would say is, “rule number one: don’t be an asshole. Rule number two: before you do or say anything, refer to rule number one. Thank you and have a great day.”

I think most of these programs are money grabs. The program in the article was started by white men. It’s funny because white men starting a business and profiting off of racism and white supremacy would fit the definition of white privilege. They make money when they are racists and make money when they change to anti-racists.

I am split between thinking most of these issues are caused by women getting into power and being directed by their inner voice that is heart driven rather than head driven. Or if it is devious men who are using these ideologues/idealistic dreamscapes to their financial benefit.

I realize how my white male privilege is causing me to confess this…please don’t hate me.

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White privilege, as we know it, was invented (she would claim discovered) by a white woman. A wealthy white woman. The book White Fragility was written by a white woman (who charges a lot of money in speaking fees to show you you are a racist and always will be).

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Jason Riley of WSJ was saying (not sure if his thoughts or Thomas Sowell) - We need to evaluate the results of these societal changes being made, not the intention.
This seems perfectly logical and reasonable to me.

LBJ’s Great Society and its utter failure should be a primer for all to study.


Great book on the topic

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That’s the most important part of the grift - the original racist sin can never be cleansed, everyone’s a sin…I mean, a racist and you have to constantly fork out to pay for new workshops, books, guidelines to stave off eternal cancellation.


That’s horrific to read.

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A Puppet of the Bourgeoise! It’s the Cultural Revolution all over again!

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A netizen criticized Thunberg, saying that “The teenager does not study hard to improve her cognitive level and personal quality but engages in meaningless political activities. She is completely ruined.”

^This would be waaay funnier in Mandarin but I can’t find it. Fuck.

“The West has been high on creating ‘public opinion leaders’ like Thunberg who don’t know much and are easy to control, and such people have a much better image in Western society than politicians,” said another netizen, adding that “opinion leaders” always turned out to be jokes.

*This does not reflect my opinions on climate change. It’s just a funny article because of the way it’s written and the opinions in it.

And China really needs to cut down on their emissions. I get an instant asthma attack when I exit the plane every time I arrive in one of their 2nd tier cities with more manufacturing activities. You have to see the smog obscuring the skyline for yourself to really appreciate how bad it is. The air pollution is so fucking bad people can’t even be bothered to wash their cars because of how fast they get dusty again.

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Al Gore quoted me 250K USD not including first class air tickets and accommodation 15 years ago to attend a fund raising dinner and give a 15min speech for climate change.

I’m not sure why, but this immediately came to mind…:joy:

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LOL. I can’t tell anyone the behind-the-scenes shit that was going on amongst the organizers that engaged me but it was almost as ludicrous as that song.

On a happier note, let’s just say out of 10 of these guys, there’s always ONE dude who really gives up EVERYTHING for the cause but he has to “dance with the Devil(s)”(for lack of a better term) to achieve the greater good. I respected the hell out of him although he was a naive noob when it comes to business “politics” and offered free advice on certain things for the next few years before he finally burned out.

We didn’t get Al Gore in the end btw. This was only because there would be much less profits to split. The fucker’s very concise quote would have brought the entire budget for him alone to around 300K USD.

Remember, this was a little more than 15 years ago. I do not know how much someone of his status would charge today. I’d guess it’s a lot more.

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I agree. In general even if I disagree with the aims of something, a person who’s willing to really fight for it at great personal loss is respect worthy 100%

On a different note, that movie is 100% Oscar worthy. An all-time classic.