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The Stupid Thread 2

They aren’t exactly standing up to Stalin.

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Does the collective need to determine what ‘thing’ is worth standing up to?

No. But it doesn’t take that much bravery to do what they are doing. They aren’t the White Rose.

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I didn’t say it does. I would never bring “bravery” into a political discussion. However, if I did, I wouldn’t accuse those taking the tiny minority position of being spineless cowards. That just doesn’t make sense.

Ted Cruz is a spineless, and cojoneless, coward.

That’s very likely, of course. Just as it is for any other human.

That may be true for the people you associate with.

They are spineless cowards. Instead of standing up and telling the truth to their constituents, and the President, they’re going along with the charade. They know better. But they know they can bamboozle the clueless into thinking they really tried to keep Trump in office.

Getting back to Stupid, listen to Trump on the recently released call to the Georgia GA:

Raffensperger and the other GA officials on the call have to walk Trump through this like a 2 year old. He still doesn’t get it of course and he’s clearly getting his information from conspiracy theories. He doesn’t offer one piece of evidence. He actually asks them to “find” a specific number of votes so that he can win the state!

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That’s most likely true for the group with which anyone associates.

That doesn’t seem either spineless or cowardly so much as dishonest.

You need to find better people to associate with.

Nope. Almost no chance of that for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the inability of Congress to grow a pair and work together. Too much red meat for the bases.

Also, I think almost everyone in Congress is hoping this is just a freak accident with Trump being… well, Trump. In other words I think most in Congress don’t think another candidate will do this sort of nonsense.

This is the definition of cowardice + political self interest. They are hoping to improve their political popularity at the expense of the country. In my opinion that’s the very definition of cowardice as it relates to political office.

I wonder if that guy knows what the word antifa is short for?

I have no idea if this is an edited photo or not, Im just amused at the self owning wordplay