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The Stupid Thread 2


That flouride though. Mind conrtol!!!


They got satellites!

My blood has been turned into a ferrofluid!



Back in the day (lol), grading on a curve meant a professor could give an exam where the genius(es) were on one tail, the dumbasses (I say this as one who’s been there) on the other tail, and the average joes clustered in the middle.

These days, the dumbasses are no longer singled out, and the genius(es) can only appear slightly better than the average joes.

Buddy of mine is a med school professor, I get a lot of nitty gritty details from him. He encounters “geniuses” (not), on paper, all the time. My buddy recently chatted up a quantum physics professor from college (in his 70s now), who told him that the administration at the college (Ivy) would tell him every year that this class of students is the bestest ever…the old guy just laments that he would simply like to see students who still want to learn for learning’s sake, and who know how to write in a communicative manner.


I’m beginning to think some FBI guy, who actually played by the rules, decided to look into why his kid was rejected from School X while DumberThanARockKid across the street got into the same School X.

Then…FBI guy pulls an Elliot Ness because he believes in the law; or…he just wanted revenge, and revenge is a dish best served unexpectedly!!! lollll


Yeah I get what grading on a curve is lol. I meant when you said profs aren’t allowed to grade on a curve was that supposed to be a universal comment?

I say that because the largest university in my metro was still allowing curve grading as of ~6 months ago

I’m not even sure what this means lol

Lol hopefully he recognizes this is caused by the price inflation of modern higher education.

Anyone that wants to learn for the sake of learning these days is either an idiot or comes from money. Probably both


Interesting. A friend of mine is too. He’ll hack off 75‰ of a class though without even blinking.

Not ivy league though if that makes any difference.


My kind of guy lol. Standards or nothing.

Interestingly, in comments directly to me from one of the world’s most eminent researchers (whose name would be very familiar to many here in T-Nation), he relates why he is retiring from official University work… and it is directly a result of the administration cutting down his freedom and propping up nonsense.

He works in a field related to training, but I don’t feel comfortable saying more as this was said in confidence. Suffice to say that he is VERY well known and I’d wager at least some here have read a book by him.


I’ve been really taking a close look at this whole scandal.

IMO…I really think that for many of these people…this was simply “the way things were done” in their World of Wealth and Privilege.

In other words…a lot of people over the past week were throwing around words like “merit” and “deserving” and “working for” admission…when in their World it was all about who was willing to spend the most money on their (often) spoiled kids. (God knows Lori Loughlin certainly has two spoiled brats on her hands, one of which fully admitted that she had no desire to really be in school…just to party with friends and go to football games…)

The Wealthy truly do live in a different World from all of us “working stiffs…”



Holy fuck


Wait a minute, children can dictate that their parents pay for elective surgery or it’s child abuse. Slippery slope, we found it.



I can’t read the news anymore.


Is this what is happening? Legit question. From the article it looks like they ruled you don’t need dual parent support for a transition.


From the perspective of a college, especially a private college, the goal is to produce alumni that will continue to fund the university’s endowment and will also achieve success that reflects positively on the school.

The fact is, that a kid from a wealthy and powerful family that has a 3.0 in high school is more likely to be a rich and powerful adult than the middle class kid with a 3.9. The wealthy kid is set up for financial success later on in life so much better due to a myriad of factors like better role models, networking opportunities, access to tutoring resources, not having to worry or make decisions based on financial need, knowing the social customs and conversation of the executive level, etc.

I grew up around this situation so maybe im jaded, but this isnt really anything new. Other than having SAT scores falsified, everything else im hearing about this scandal is kind of SOP for folks that have the ability to game the system to this level. Everyone (no matter their wealth/power level) trys to game the system as much as they can, its just some folks have the resources to do it so much better.


Thanks for the insights, @Californiagrown

I truly am bummed out about Lori Loughlin, though…

As the saying goes…“You play you pay…” (or something like that…)


I forgot canadians have mostly socialized healthcare, so it’s not about paying. Below is the relevant passage. Assuming this isn’t hyperbole from the lawyer: refusing to be on board with a transition, using the wrong names and encouraging the child not to get medical treatment is “family violence” or child abuse.

If those phrases are as loaded in CA as they are in the US. That means calling Susan “Susan” after she decides to be called “Timothy”… is a felony.

“Because of the ruling, “misgendering a person, using the incorrect name for them and trying to persuade them not to undertake gender-affirming care are forms of family violence, and that’s really important,” Smith said.”


And, just hypothetically, if Timothy changes his mind in ten years, and decides he would rather be Susan again and perhaps have children, but cannot, because she has been chemically castrated, who does she sue?



Professor gives a test -genius gets 60-70 out of a 100; smart person gets 30ish; rest of the crowd is toast; idiots realize they’re in the wrong class/place and drop out. (well, maybe the traditional “curve” is the wrong term)

Professor gets “talked” to. Genius gets 100; smart people get high 90s; rest of the crowd does “well”, a little bit behind that; idiots think they just need to work a little bit harder to join the crowd. The school is doing a great job, everyone is getting a good education.

Now, one cannot tell anymore who’s who, when they see the “resume” a degree or two removed from the scene of the whitewash.


Actually I always thought the curve was an unnecessary tool for messing with the results.

With a curve, the teacher gives a really hard test and the best kid in class gets an 89/100. If that test gets curved that kid gets an A. Under normal scoring 89/100 is a B. I always prefered just knowing what I had to do to get a certain grade beforehand, not factoring in everyone else’s skills and dedication to the test.