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The Stupid Thread 2


Couldn’t she have just said she was married to Jesse from Jesse and the Ripper’s to get her kids in?


Zep logic





Loughlin’s Daughter was on SOCIAL MEDIA (before this all blew up) saying she had NO interest in school…she just wanted to Party and go to Football Games…and probably wouldn’t go to class…!

(I STILL hope “Hallmark” keeps Mom, though…)


Are you guys ready for a 'Double Hell/WTF???

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was aboard a USC official’s yacht in Bahamas when her mom was charged…

She was on Rick Caruso’s luxury yacht “Invictus” in the Bahamas.
Caruso is chairman of USC’s Board of Trustees.


I do too… but, it’s not looking good.

This just in Jade was giving advice to girls for getting into college.


White people, amirite???


How else would a race of pasty faced people with no ass end up ruling the world? Cartman already explained it all.


image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e4/Houses.of.parliament.overall.arp.jpg/250px-Houses.of.parliament.overall.arp.jpg

This building probably contains more stupid than all of Florida today.


That’s a tall order. What did they do this time? Put tracking devices on steak knives or ban the use of pugs in YouTube videos…?



Simultaneously voted against the deal on offer, voted against no deal, voted against one extension, voted for another and had executive figures ‘forget’ to vote a certain way.

Also one MP did suggest tracking every knife in the UK.

My application for refugee status in Canada or the states grows more likely with each passing moment.

image https://media0.giphy.com/media/DdF6clqIcP19C/200.gif?cid=3640f6095c70d72f7977535751eaba62



If you won’t grant me asylum, can you get Trump to drone strike me please?


Oh you missed that by about 3 years. It was the last president who used drone strikes on citizens without due process while simultaneously fighting to get foreign enemy combatants constitutional protections.

Orwell wasn’t an author, he was a profit.


Luckily I’m not a citizen.

‘There is no turbulence left in England’


Fixed it for you.

Most authors of dystopian fiction wrote to warn society, not to predict the future.

Orwell just happened to be prescient.

Big Brother is watching you.


Lmao. Dyslexia and apathy ftw.

The final few paragraphs of that book were truly haunting.


KO, or OK, whatever.

Dyslexics of America Untied, lol.

I think profit might have worked better - we as a society have problems with homos, whether they be phones or sexuals.

It’s a difficult book because of its brilliance. Not sure if you have read Down and Out in London and Paris, also a haunting book and more disturbing because it is true.

What is your Room 101?


“We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin and have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin” …(which includes “Hallmark”).


Oh well…


How will they kill her off in Fuller House… that’s the question.


What’s the point of being a rich parent if you can’t get your kid everything?


So I work in a wealthy district, most of my kids have tutors and cheating is rampant.

My kids, on the other hand, do their own work and advocate for themselves. I help by asking questions and coaching, but not doing their work.

My daughter may end up at Geneseo rather than Harvard, but it will be a better fit for her and she will be happy.

My brother went to Stanford, through the front door, and my son may have a shot to go there (there is a memorial fund in the name of my brother), but he’s more likely to end up at a SUNY school as well.

And, that’s great. They earned it, they got in on their merits, and they will pay off their student loans, and be better members of society and more confident in themselves for having earned it.

What a fucking joke.