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The Stupid Thread 2


I’m triggered that you are gendering those children. Also triggering myself by assuming their age and species.


You guys are missing the point. He’s holding her hand! In the workplace! Clearly using his power to exert romantic control over her. #her too



Phoebe: “OMG I didn’t know these people were individuals capable of independant thought!”


I saw this yesterday. Fucking hilarious!


Apparently, people kill each other without guns.


If we can just make knives illegal…


Or stabbings… laws against assault and murder might help.


I’m still blown away that people stopped using guns.

‘Insert obvious Indiana Jones reference here’


Yeah? I just see an empty hallway.


Not so much. This is probably a result of biological parents being permitted to raise their children instead of the state. Kids need to be in the full-time care of the state, from birth. It may be caused by private, exclusionary property ownership by citizens. Property should be held by the state, so that no citizen gains an unfair advantage. It may be caused by beliefs in God instead of faith in the state. Religious beliefs in God should be punished.


Plato? Is that you?


Aunt Becky has been naughty.


You need to bribe people to get admitted to USC???

Darwin will be meeting up with these kids soon enough…


A 6 figure bribe, apparently. There’s a sucker born every minute, I swear.


I always found her incredibly hot. Now, with her being a felon that adds the element of danger to the hotness. I like it.


I am a LITTLE more sentimental about her, @loppar

I hope she doesn’t get fired by “Hallmark”…

What’s Christmas and “Hallmark” without Loughlin???

I’m devastated…


(…Oh! Don’t get me wrong! Aunt Becky has always been hot…!)


Think this is code for sex? Haha


Doesn’t matter since we can just print money to pay for anything we want.


Very important to increase the defense budget.