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The Stupid Thread 2


You’re a closet anarchist man … abolish the EC, dividing by zero, cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA


It’s the troll in me. I’m an agent of chaos


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Doesn’t D&D have two scales? Good-Neutral-Evil, and Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic? Nothing wrong with being a Chaotic/Good.


He could be sentenced up to 25 years said all the articles. Or 4!


A lesson for folks to take is that a judge is not at all bound to agree with a prosecutor on sentencing. So people should slow their roll on it.


Lawful evil is my jam. Follow the rules to the absolute letter, in the most evil way possible.


I’m in the wrong racket.


Criticizing defense? Why do you hate the troops?


I know, I know. I’ll go say a rosary in penance.




Hey, @Legalsteel this is from your neck of the woods, right? I’m not familiar with the individual in question, but even for a career politician this is too much - denying the words that you actually said


My favorite alignment of all. Damn your bureaucracy!


Hoo-boy. This one’s gonna take some typing.

Ok, so Secretary Bradley uttered something so palpably untrue that I can literally provide the largest volume of legal evidence to the contrary ever produced by a British tribunal.

It usually takes them longer than a 2 months to fuck up, and I’ve never seen one do so in such an utterly tone deaf manner.

Now, here comes the complicated part. Bloody Sunday was a proven massacre of British citizens by the army, and the army had myriad butchers and psychopaths, to the point that every family has a story about their crimes.

That said, do I want 70+ year olds dragged into court when terrorists walked free? Absolutely not.

The British army was suffering greater casualties than they did in Afghanistan in Northern Ireland, and both sides were brutalized by the process.

I could honestly type 10000 words on this, but I’ll sum up.

-I haven’t sorted my feelings on the issue of these cases.
-the British army and the paramilitary terrorist groups were barbarous. The army was less so, but must be held to a higher standard.
-Karen Bradley is a moron. A third string cabinet minister who occupies the position because Theresa May is crumbling.


That’s Archaon the Everchosen. He is the champion of the Chaos gods. He brings about the end times. Warhammer is so much cooler than D&D don’t @ me lol.






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tHaTz sExIsM!!!