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The Stupid Thread 2



Cool story, bro.


It’s just a red herring so people thinkthey’ve avoided the NSA. Those fuckers are already in your firmware.


I know. This may just be them taking the piss out of everyone.


It stuns me that anyone is even remotely shocked.

Let me tell you, the Salafi/Deobandi council estates are far more homophobic and far less apologetic than the Church of England school the woke left harp on about.

They’ll also outlast the complaints of the granola crew, that I can guarantee.


This came on the news here and my wife looked at me and said “What did they think would happen?”

I just kind of shrugged and said “I know, right?”

It’s almost as if they have no idea about the culture of the people that are immigrating to the area…


The best part is their Labour MP defending this result on the exact grounds she would excoriate conservative Christians.


Most definitely not stupid aside to this thread. I hope Alex stares the big C in the eye, and tells it to go fuck itself.

Fuck cancer.

Edit: was shitposting my fiancé and accidentally linked the wrong tweet. I Can only hope to draw from the boundless well of charity that springs from the PWI posters.


The Stupid Thread is not just something that happens on the internet! Fwiw, I lit myself on fire with gasoline a couple of weeks ago, so you’re still doing pretty good.

Also: Damn. I’ve been watching Jeopardy like forever. I don’t think it can be done if it isn’t Alex.


Yea man … I was sad when I read the prognosis but then heard his comments about it … I fuckin’ hope that guy lives forever…

Pretty much this … Jeopardy has been on my entire life with Alex Trebek … he’s such a great host and encourages even the worst players




Man the Alex Trebek thing hurts. I’ve loved Jeopardy for forever. Just can’t imagine the show without him. Seems like a classy guy as well from all I’ve read.


Yea man … he’s the perfect host for this show - he’s really set the tone for it - super humble guy it seems too (again from what I’ve read) and his announcement was exactly what I’d expect from him given the gravity of his situation.

When he does go (sooner or later) I really hope they find someone with his demeanor to carry on the tenor of the show


Sanders actually has worked outside of politics.


Manafort sentencing hearing underway. Could be looking at a pretty lengthy sentence.

Promise kept: Swamp is being drained.

Edit: I stand corrected. I’d read as much as 25 years. White collar crime pays!


Disgraceful. That’s a slap on the wrist and he’ll still get a posh country club treatment


He would have done more time for being black and selling a small amount of weed.


Well. He did plea bargain with the dems before his congressional testimony. Attack Trump publicly and serve less time seems like the order of the day. Maybe Stone will wise up and fall in line as well.


Sadly, this is not hyperbole…


Commit crimes for, and in behalf of, Trump… and serve less time is more like it.

4 years for Manafort was a sweet deal. I’m sure some will get even more lenient treatment.


You should see how unravelled my uncle is right now.

The entire investigation is a deep state witch Hunt. Zero crimes or collusion. But also, Dems are soft on crime for giving him 4 years.

When I asked him how the Dems could be soft on crime if no crimes were committed you’d have thought I divided by zero or something