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The Stupid Thread 2


It was your analogy.


You haven’t earned your red wings yet?


The concept of which you clearly don’t understand.


It’s true. I don’t see what trespassing and breaking and entering have to do with pregnancy. It’s right up there with Plato and the cave.


See, that’s an allegory - it’s not real.


I said I didn’t understand it and you expect me to navigate metaphorical waters?


I have never done face paint with it, no.


I nominate myself for the first attempt to colonize the sun.

image https://thumbs.gfycat.com/MetallicIdolizedBrocketdeer-max-1mb.gif


The point being one has the moral, ethical, and legal right to defend oneself against a deadly threat.


And this has what to do with a medical decision?




The left eating their own, so happy much wow


Ugh. Can she go away yet?


That may come sooner than we expected.

She shouldn’t have started fucking with the Dems at this stage in her career. I doubt she will get much support if just a little shit hits the fan.


She’s either gonna burn out real quick or pull a Bernie and last forever while doing nothing.




How is this the left eating their own?


Bernie? The majority of politicians are fossils.


I’d rather look at her than the typical turkey neck congressman.


This made me chuckle a bit.