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The Stupid Thread 2


Unfortunately it’s pretty inevitable to see a govt sponsored single payer to some effect.

Even the most old-school republican can’t sort through stalled out wages with ever ballooning HC costs/inflation.


Could be sooner than later if Trump actually goes down the path of national emergency. If I was a Republican no way would I support that simply because of what my opponent should do.

I’m not worried though remember the President said this:

Trump apparently is delivering socialized medicine at a lower cost.




I hope it’s true. I don’t want her as the face of the Democratic Party in 2020. The sooner she goes away the better.


She’s a good socialist. Those are leadership qualities in her neck of the political woods.


In fairness, neither side would take a legislative rejection of the action in both houses as a reason not to.

Mentioning it will be enough for it to be used more. That’s my reading anyway.


The life and health of the mother isn’t a health issue?


AOC and Trump are alike in one important way…

Neither one had any freakin’ idea what the Hell they were getting themselves into…


The life and health of a woman rarely warrants the murder of a child.


But when it does, the government needs to make the decision, not the doctor and the woman?



Of course it can Bernie. The green new deal is exactly going too far.


Yep. Here comes the eugenics proposal. Of course if you decide not to participate their idea of government will help you along in due time.


This is when the useful idiot becomes potentially dangerous. He’s got the “moral” high ground for this one. Will it work for, or against him?


Btw, I did tell y’all who he has a special friendship with in the most recent Climate Change thread…


Does the government make the decision whether or not you can kill an intruder who has entered your home with ill intent?


That’s a good analogy since a fetus could be considered an intruder. Shall we apply the same standards to fetuses as we do to intruders?


Do you have to kick a door in or climb through a window to make a fetus?

If so, your doing it wrong.


Good god.


It wasn’t my analogy.


I guess everything I’ve ever learned about sex and the expected result has been wrong. Hell, you could be up for a Nobel Prize with this new revelation.