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The Stupid Thread 2


It’s kind of a win for the Democrats. They’ve been hollering about the “Gunshow loop hole” for years. This will do nothing, which will be an excuse for the next “assault weapon ban” push.

Something that would have a real effect would be fixing the national background check system. But that’s something the NRA has been advocating for years, and they can’t give the NRA a win.


It’s kind of ironic that anytime the DEMS even mention the word “gun”…sales go up…


I suspect they’re actually in bed with Big Gun. Kickbacks for gun sale generating actions. Or, maybe not.




Ayi yi yi



There are no adequate superlatives in the English language to describe the loathsomeness of a person who would willingly put the treatment of their illness into the hands of a bureaucracy as inept as our federal government.


Oh ineptitude of Government bureaucracy is pretty universal from what I’ve observed


Yet, that is exactly what you want when it comes to abortion. It can’t be a decision made by the woman and her doctor but Mitch and co have to be involved.


No existing form of single payer on the planet prohibits people from taking steps outside the system at their own expense.

I guess maybe North Korea, or Iran or something. Idk how health insurance works over there


Isn’t that what 100 Democrat lawmakers just endorsed? Outlawing private insurance?

Private insurance was briefly outlawed in Canada, but they relaxed those laws.


Oh I have no idea. I haven’t seen much on it except for a clearly hit piece posted above.

Edit: and even outlawing private insurance doesn’t stop you from getting help outside the system.

I think it’s silly to even entertain that this could happen, per the reason outlined above.

I also don’t think we’ll be getting rid of farting cows, regardless of what the talking heads say ‘Dems are trying to do’


“Help outside the system.” Let’s say I want my hypothetical knee surgery (ACL tear) in less than the 8-15 weeks it takes the NHS for “elective” surgeries. Even I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for that a la cart without debt. And I make a good bit more than the average household income.

(2) Via NBC News, “The legislation’s most contentious provision would end private health insurance and replace it with a government system.”

Damn right wingers over at NBC.

The cow comments are right in the language of the GND. Again, reading people’s bills is not a hit piece.

Though I’m agreeing with your take AOC is gonna get meemed into the white house.


That’s exactly what they are proposing.


Murder is not a health care issue.


Lol welcome to healthcare? Sounds like you need to work harder. Viva la capitalism.

Was obviously referring to the article itself. Not the article the article was quoting.

I didn’t say it’s a hit piece. I just said the talking heads of the right don’t actually determine what Dems are really trying to do. They associate Bernie’s plan with all Dems. Shocker.

I dont even get why. The GND isn’t even hers. She’s just a bandwagon. Fuckin GOP can’t even figure out who to target.

Do you happen to know the name of the bill? I can’t find anything beyond articles talking about the bill that all seem to reference statements and tweets


This is all I can find:

Lol at the next bill introduced…

Ya common sense gun reform!

A lot of amendments to the tax code listed too…


Yeah because free association and markets gave us the healthcare system we have now. And placing even more laws and government between us and doctors and forbidding private insurance is capitalism. Cool story.


It was a joke lol. No need to sound the FF alarm


I think that where we are headed is what we are already seeing in select areas of the Country (especially in the Big Cities):

We will have a “Two Tied” (or more) Health Care System where those who can pay for private, higher-end care will have it provided…and everyone else will be under some form of Government Health Care.

And as we are already seeing; the differences will be stark.