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The Stupid Thread 2


I’m all but convinced you just say the opposite of whatever you’re replying to in an attempt to get a rise out if the other poster.

No thanks.


Ugh. Anything but more abortion talk and what is or isn’t ok and when.

Florida of course.


If you or the other guy posting actually believe those dems who voted against the bill are in favor of infanticide, then you have reached Alex Jones levels of delusion.


Cool story, bro.


I can’t understand it. This isn’t trolling, this is definitely criminal as far as I know. I hope they find the bastards and roast them alive.


I’m a fan of Bill O’Reilly. He was one of my favorite comedians. Then Tucker and his silly bow ties started getting popular and Fox wasn’t entertaining anymore. Sight gags just aren’t my kind of humor.


One of my favorites. Just destroys him and Bill doesn’t see it coming.


I laughed out loud at this, I was just thinking about this the other day because I’ve got a couple single friends, some friends in the beginnings of ‘real’ relationships, and so on and so forth, and I was thinking, “Jesus, can you imagine if you had to wade back into the deep end and try to date again?!” As I dig a protein bar out of my bright orange fanny pack and kick off my bright teal oakley slide sandals, “Nah, f*ck it, I’d just be single forever.” :joy:


Trump tweet:

“I have now spent more time in Vietnam than Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, the third rate Senator from Connecticut (how is Connecticut doing?). His war stories of his heroism in Vietnam were a total fraud - he was never even there. We talked about it today with Vietnamese leaders!”

Trump again calling out those who served when he didn’t. How do any vets support this guy?



Vets hate stolen valor guys almost as much as Jane Fonda. Almost.

Also Trump is an idiot for going on the attack against someone who should be irrelevant for what he’s there to do. Lol.


Welcome to my world.


I thought he’d denied all that but now that I look into it more it seems he has lied or “misrepresented some things.” Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

The more you know…


No idea.


When I first heard what he said about McCain I thought that would be an instant disqualifier for most Republicans. At that time I didn’t think he would win anyways, but I remember thinking when I heard that he had just dug his political grave.

Damn just thinking about that quote is nuts. I like guys who aren’t captured? That’s pissing on a lot of people who sacrificed more than I ever could.

I suppose he could have said “I don’t like vets who die you know. Hero’s don’t let themselves get killed!” So not the worst thing you could say about vets just close to it.

Shows what I know about politics!


You weren’t alone in that self-assessment.


It’s the moment I knew I wouldn’t be voting for him.


The bill is going after .8% of firearm used during a crime. What a complete and utter waste of time.



Not a gun guy, so feel free to correct me.

The bill adds background checks to private gun sales? Is there anything else to it that I’m missing?


My understanding is that the idea behind the bill is to close the “gun show loophole”. Most gun show sales are through an FFL anyway so background checks are done already. It’s not that the bill is bad (I don’t like the transfer language) it’s that it does close to if not nothing.

It’s already illegal to sell online without an FFL and, like I said, most gun show sales are already through an FFL.

*Really, it’s a win for Republicans. It’s not a significant gun control measure, but they added a provision that required ICE be notified if an illegal tries to buy a gun.

**It’s likely DOA in the Senate anyway.


You are definitely not dumb(or ignorant) enough to believe that it has anything to do with a desire for crime prevention.