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The Stupid Thread 2


Politicians can encourage marriage with words, and they can give their own private funds to marriage counselors or whatever to promote marriage.

Where government policy and social behavior intersect… that’s just a barrel of unintended consequences, agency problems, corruption and failure waiting to be opened.

Of all the things the government should legitimately be doing, printing marriage certificates and using tax breaks to “nudge” people to stay together is all the way down on the list, just above drone strikes.


Don’t be silly. There’s no better marriage-recognizer than the government. See: gay marriage.


So, if a baby is born alive after an attempted abortion doctor can just let that baby die. I’m not often at a loss for words, but this is truly unreal to me.


It’s utterly unreal. I wonder when Kermit Gosnell can expect his pardon?


But less crime and poor people. Oh, and sex can be more casual. Let the sacrifices continue.


Does anyone actually stay together because of the tax break? Valentines Day alone in my house wiped it out. Wife said something about her being the one who did everything the last 7 years.

I’m married in spite of the tax break. Just tempt me with a divorce tax break :wink:


Half the income, half the tax liability :thinking:


You’re doing the numbers as well I see.

Though I’d pay good money not to have to go “dating” again. It’s been a while for me and can’t imagine having to put real time into some of those aspects again. I remember back then I really had to think about what I wore when out with a girl. Now I just try to make sure I have at least pants on.


You and me both.


If ya’ll don’t follow Titania McGrath on twitter you need to.


Just skimmed her Twitter. Is she parodying the left as Colbert did the right on the Colbert show? Plenty of ripe material if so. I always thought someone could come along and lampoon liberals the way Colbert did and have something. South Park does a pretty good job but cover a lot more than just that.

I don’t get on Twitter much, but I will check more of it out.


I’m not sure what you’re referencing with Colbert, but ya it’s a liberal parody account. Goffrey Elfwick is another good one.


What the fuck? I just saw this, what is wrong with people?


The Colbert report (not him on the tonight show) which used to be before the Daily Show was a parody of Hannity/Bill O’Reilly types. It was hilarious…unless you were a fan of the Hannity/Bill O’Reilly types.


Oh, gotcha. I never watched it and, no, I’m not a fan of Hannity or Bill.


That isn’t true. If you read beyond the clickbait titles you’ll see that.


Because it is unreal. If a baby cannot survive without life support, should a parent be allowed to have it taken off life support, the same way an adult child can have a parent taken off life support? It would be illegal for a doctor to deny care to an infant that could survive. Do you want the government to tell you you have to keep your brain dead infant on life support…forever?


That is neither what is proposed, nor is that the on the record reality of what has actually happened in late term failed abortions.

I am not going to be willed into support for infanticide by sophistry. Nor do I suspect we will see any common ground on this issue.

I’m also not going to spend letters on this insoluble issue beyond this post, just to forewarn you.


Infanticide is illegal. That hasn’t and wouldn’t change. If some doctor has broken the law I don’t know but that doesn’t mean the law doesn’t exist. The fact you would comment and then add you won’t respond is just a cowardly way to avoid facing the fact you were duped by politicians spinning something to score points with anti-abortion people.


I have seen enough train wreck threads to have 0 desire to make another. It’ll be a thousand responses for 0 gain.

As to me being duped? Believe what you want. I don’t care.