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The Stupid Thread 2


There was crabby old radio host in Pittsburgh who used to say: “politics is show business for the ugly.”


Being a douchebag is required to be on Fox News.




Fuckin white boyz amirite



Makes me think of the Esquire story featuring a white middle class boy. Oh, the horror. The outrage. Look it up, the reactions are priceless

Edit: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/esquire-cover-featuring-white-middle-class-american-boy-sparks-backlash-real-155658278.html




I’ll be honest, the INTENSE outrage over boy scouts having girls in troops confuses the shit out of me.

South Park does a great job bringing it to life


The kid’s lucky he’s not smiling.


I joined the scouts because I was in an all boys school and they had weekly camp fires with girl guides. What the fuck are they complaining about?


Probably about how girls belong in the kitchen.

Oh no. Girls can join boy scouts! This is bad. The might learn how to start a fire instead of starting the oven!


I don’t get the arguments on both sides. Girl Guides are scouts. They were formed and led by the Scout founder’s sister. They aren’t a new group. They’ve been around for over a century.


Girl scouts have different things they do compared to boy scouts.

Girl scouts is virtually all arts&crafts and various community service systems. Virtually nothing in the camp of survival that boy scouts do


I remember a lot of them going for the same badges we did regarding these activities. This was in the 90’s in a conservative Asian society. Perhaps the other badges are an addition and more girls simply choose to take them instead of the survival stuff. I know I probably would have chosen the non-physical ones if I had that option since my objective was to meet girls.


Might have been a product of the times. I don’t believe it works the same way today. As a dad of 2 girls, one of which is a 2nd year girl scout, with a wife who is assistant troop leader, the only patch I have ironed on that wasn’t arts and crafts related was the traffic safety patch.

I’m guessing most of the boys that joined the all boys club weren’t doing it to meet girls lol. Obviously just spitballing


Seriously? No outdoor survival, footdrills etc? Do they at least still play with knots lol?


Wait, how old is your girl?


In full disclosure they might in later years. My daughter is only ~8. As of now they haven’t touched anything of the sort.

There were a few girls that wanted to leave the troop last year for the boy scout troop, but they were getting a lot of pushback from the boy scout troop leader so they stayed


Heaven forbid fathers and sons have an organization to themselves. The horror.

Zing, lolz…


Oh ok. Then she’s a brownie. The guides are above 10yrs. The girls usually joined at 13yrs where I lived.